Work While You Live in Denmark

Denmark Green Card Scheme is a way to obtain a residence permit for the purpose of pursuing work, and consequently working, in Denmark. A work and residence permit under the Green card scheme is granted depending on individual assessment by a point system aimed to evaluate the probability that the applicant will be able to find suitable work in Denmark.

If you get a residence permit under the Green card scheme, you do not have to get a work permit. A residence permit under the Green card scheme offers you the right to do paid or unpaid work. A residence permit under the Green card scheme does not offer you the right to run your own business or work as a self-employed person.

To get a residence permit via the Denmark Green card scheme, you must get a minimum of 100 points. Points are rewarded for following parameters:-

  •  educational level,
  •  language skills,
  •  work know-how,
  •  adaptableness, and
  •  age.

 You need to have complete health insurance covering you and any family members who might be accompanying up until you are insured by the Danish National Health Insurance.

You must proof that you are capable of supporting yourself during your first year in Denmark. Verification can be a recent bank statement in your name which clearly explains on which date and in which currency’, the statement was issued. If you wish to apply for a residence permit for family members as well then, you must also prove that you are capable to backing your family members financially. This documentation must be in either your own name or your partner’s name.

In case of any difficulty you can simply contact immigration consultants or experts. These people are very well acquainted with all the rules and regulations associated with immigration and thus can simplify your visa approval process.

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