With Selection Factors on the go, Canada Visa Process becomes a smooth experience

Wondered how will your new life be once you have gained the prized permanent residency of Canada. Well, that is what we are here to answer, and put a full stop on on all your rising doubts. Being a highly developed mixed economy, along with the Tenth largest economy, with majority of the industry dedicated to the industry of service. Living here, guarantees you and your family, a life of comfort along with educational and healthcare facilities. But, getting a PR Visa in Canada is not so easy. One needs to undergo and qualify in the Canada Visa Process, to get the Invitation to Apply for Canada PR Visa.  One of the many benefits is that can live, work and study in any one of the ten provinces or three territories within Canada.

Once you have decided on immigrating to Canada as a permanent resident there are selection factors based upon which you and your family are given the residency. For undergoing a smooth Canada Visa Process there are selection factors that you must be eligible to qualify then. Here are the top picks!

  1. Make a difference with Your Educational Qualifications

The basic requirement of an educational qualifications is a must and forms the foundation while you look forward to apply for the Federal Skilled Worker applicant. This factor forms the basis of whether your application will be accepted or refused. Professional and designated Canadian bodies decide Canadian equivalent of foreign credentials. A maximum of 25 points can be awarded, for educational proficiency.

  1. Fluency in Language makes all the difference

One of the key Selection criteria is the need to possess first language abilities in either of the official languages of Canada, which is French or English Language. A maximum of 28 points can be awarded under the language category. Any of the two Canadian official languages can be used by the Federal Skilled as first language or second language. The test evaluates the Federal Skilled Workers Applicant potential to meet or exceed a minimum threshold in listening, reading, speaking and writing. On the basis of the above criteria of listening, reading, speaking and writing, points are awarded in each category.

  1. A Good Work Experience Always Helps

One of the factors that Canadian Immigration Officers keep in check is the Work Experience of the Federal Skilled Applicant. This is a major factor when it comes to deciding whether or not to accept or refuse the application. It is likely that there can be an immediate refusal, if the applicant does not have any experience at all.

  1. Your Age is an Added Advantage

Yet another factor based upon which Citizenship and Immigration Canada awards Federal Skilled Worker Applicants points is the age of the candidate. Up to a total of 12 points are given based upon the age of the applicant


  1. The Question Around Adaptability

Your ability to adapt in Canada will is a vital factor based on which points are awarded by Citizenship and Immigration Canada, and a significant element in the Canada Visa Process.

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