What to Know Which Is Easiest Nation to Migrate from India?

In search of mainly better livelihood opportunities since long people from India, and other nations, have been moving to foreign shores. Recently, immigration trend has increased like never before, and as the opportunity arises, qualified skilled workers are not missing any chance and migrating to their different dream destinations.

Canada ImmigrationMany people from India have already moved to various countries across the world, such as the US, the UK, Australia, Canada, Singapore, Denmark, and Hong Kong. These immigration hotspots have a large number of Indian migrants doing rather well. These people have happily started their second innings in these countries, and several of them are successfully contributing to the economy of the country in which they are living and working.

Because of their quality education, skills, experience and high aspirations beyond the borders, Indian migrants are welcomed by many countries, even as to start a new inning they (the migrants) have a large number of attractive options to choose from.

When it comes to the easiest nation to emigrate from India, frankly speaking, the choices are not many. As most of the nations now-a-days have tough immigration and visa laws ensuring neither unwanted nor illegal migrants manage to enter their territories. Post 9/11 the developed world does not seem very interested in taking any unwanted risks and jeopardize its security and economic interests, rightfully so.

Still, if one talks about the easiest nation to migrate from India, it will definitely be the Maple Leaf Country, i.e., Canada. The beautiful North American country has one of the largest Indian colonies outside Asia even while it shares a bilateral relationship with India. Since too long, Indian migrants have excelled across various fields in the overseas hotspot and felt at home there.

From Medical to Engineering and from designing to Information Technology (IT), you will easily find Indian skilled workers spread across the country. And they are happily settled in various Canadian cities, like, for instance, Victoria, Toronto, Quebec city, and Ottawa.

Every year, 100s of 1000s of trained workers from India migrate to the ‘Land of Milk and Honey’, thanks to the availability of numerous easy to avail employment opportunities, and a trusted bond between Canadian employers and Indian migrants.

People migrate irrespective of their region, color and gender even while the country welcomes them with open arms. As per some available reports on the subject, Indian migrants are the main source of immigrants in the nation, and the number is increasing at a rather steady rate. Various sectors across the country endorse qualified skilled workers easily.

The other reason why it’s comparatively easy to immigrate to the ‘Maple Leaf Country’ than any other country is the much talked about and extensively used Express Entry System. The path-breaking facility has brought the country’s various economic programmes, such as the Federal Skilled Workers Programme (FSWP), under one umbrella giving a fair chance to the applicants to score points, and get a ‘Invitation to Apply (ITA)’.

However, the decision of moving overseas is strictly an individual choice, and it largely depends on the person’s specific goals and aspirations. The nation’s high commission/embassy is located in New Delhi–the Capital city of India. You can submit your visa application form online, and if you find yourself stuck in the realms of uncertainty and confusion, you may choose to contact any experienced and trained Canada Immigration Consultant at your convenience. He will help and guide you and assist you make an informed decision.

Coming back to Canada, not only the nation’s immigration process is rather transparent and fair offering an equal opportunity but the country offers unlimited benefits to Indian and other immigrants. The country is, by and large, immigrant friendly, and its citizens are cooperative and understanding. In a very peaceful and friendly environment they help you make a home away from home.

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