What Key UK Family Visitor Visa Documents Are Required?


To visit the UK, for the maximum period of six months, through the popular Family Visa route, you need the UK Family Visitor Visa. With this visa, you become entitled to reside in the hotspot for a period of 6 months even while, as per the rules and the normal procedure, you ought to get a pronouncement on your visa inside just 3 weeks. Now the important question that surfaces is what key UK Family Visitor Visa Documents are required?

But before we dwell on the issue of the required UK Family Visitor Visa Documents, let’s first figure out the key requirements for the visa!


You may submit an application for the Family Visitor Visa in case:

  1. You are making a trip to a relative or family member in the country.
  2. You are basically from outside the European Economic Area (EEA) & Switzerland.
  3. You fulfill the additional eligibility terms & conditions.

Long-term Family Visitor Visa

You have the wonderful option of applying for a long-term visit visa in case you may illustrate that you cannot help making frequent trips to the destination over an extended period of time. You may reside for an utmost time-frame of 6 months on every trip and your visa may continue for 1, 2, 5 or even 10 years.

This takes us back to the key topic at hand–UK Family Visitor Visa Documents Required!

Well, the general certificates and information to submit an application for the visa comprise:

  1. A legally valid passport or travel document.
  2. Past passports.
  3. Passport photographs (2 duplicates).
  4. Biometric Residence Permit (in case already in its possession).
  5. Details related to any previous visa petition.
  6. Certificates exhibiting a clean background or no criminal record.
  7. The national insurance certificate/paper.
  8. Names, birth date and nationality (in case submitting an application for out of the UK) of the parents.
  9. Papers/certificates to ratify that you understand the English language.
  10. Certificates to ratify the required funds for themself and any additional dependents. Proof that you will be in a position to take care of self and those who are dependent on you, for your entire stay, money wise. Usually, either a bank statement or pay slips from the latest 6 months should be more than enough for the object. Every visa has its own set of required fixed amount of money that the candidate ought to illustrate having, for living expenses, at the time of submitting an application for a visa.
  11. Test results of Tuberculosis (in case from a place which for which test is required).
  12. Dependent partner’s name, birth date, country of origin, passport, etc.
  13. Specifics related to the different places toured by the candidate, family & friends in either the nation of birth or the place of which the aspirant has the nationality of.
  14. Details related to any kid of the primary aspirant or their dependent spouse (name, birthdate, place of origin, passport details, regions stayed at by the kid, education, etc.).

So, these are the main Visitor Visa Documents Required for UK Family!

Summary: Check the blog and learn about the different important documents required for the UK Family Visitor Visa.

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