What are the Canada Visa Requirements for Indian Citizens?

Canada Visa Requirements have substantially changed over the past of couples of years, thereby paving the way for an easy access for millions of immigrants waiting to squeeze in their applications for relocation, to this awesome destination in the western hemisphere.

The new system is quite elaborate and promises quick and concrete results; as indicated by the number of ITAs issued in the previous year’s program – over 60% of the applicants said to have received requests for the next stage of the application processing.


The new system of qualification stipulations for Canadian skilled or business migrant programs is highly transparent and gives the applicants a correct idea about their chances of immigrating. Above all, the new set-up also informs the people about various other schemes applicants could use to move to this country.

Today most of you may be enlightened about various formats of all the pathways, like you have access to federal program through Express Entry, provincial schemes both through the Express Entry and distinct state backed, and Quebec format.

Earlier, it was very unlikely to run into a source that would inform aspirants so comprehensively about the variety of immigrant entry programs available for the access. Now the things have changed completely since the aspiring applicants are well entrenched with the information about which program would suit their qualifications and profile.

On an overall, people could apply for any of the options, but there is a certain level of homogeneity in the Canadian skilled and business immigration qualification parameters all the schemes even though the level of requisite parameters may differ.

A common feature of all the Canadian Visa Requirements across the cross-section of immigration programs is the basic qualification mandated in form of age, linguistic skills in either of the official languages – English or French – along with linguistic compatibility in the second language – if available in second language – English or French, education, work experience in the field of specialization, ability to integrate into the local surroundings, qualifications of spouse, prearranged employment offer and presence of a relation or a friend in some parts of the country, if the state based programs offers some exclusive points for the same.

The parameters are bound to fluctuate based on the program you may be applying under. You can know about these quickly instantly by filing up a free assessment form offered by us.

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