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My journey in Immigration and visa consulting industry started in the year 1994. I started accepting the mandate(s) for Immigration Visa consulting services to general skilled and professionals and for advisory areas related to global relocation and job search, post landing settlement in destined countries. I continue to be an immigration and visa specialist even today. I run my company in the name of ABHINAV (www.abhinav.com).

It has indeed been an interesting journey and the most important learning is that bureaucrats are same across the world – go by book and use the book to hide their failings, have no accountability for their actions and in most cases non-actions.

Bureaucrats and officers dealing with Immigration and visas matters are unique since they have extreme discretionary powers. And in majority of the time they are misused. They take refusal decisions that are unfair and mostly unexplained and then leave it to the applicant to fight it out with the department – with senior officers and ministers or with the court. The department is not much helping either as they have standard responses for appeals. And the court procedure is so expensive for ordinary applicant to follow that – in most cases- is ruled out.

So if the situation so dismal all around! Not really, as many countries seem to have learned from failings of systems of countries that started early. In my opinion and going by experience, leading the pack of countries with most mismanaged immigration system will be – without doubt – Canada followed by USA, Hong Kong, Thailand. Talking of Canada, Quebec Immigrant investor program is an exception but then that accounts for a small number of the actual number of large immigrants and how many applicants have a net worth of close to CAD 800,000/-?

Among the most applicant, efficient, accountable and user friendly system I have experienced is Singapore, followed by Australia and New Zealand. Denmark has recently started the green card process and the initial feel factor is comfortable.

In this blog I will share

  • My experiences from past and how they affected applicants?
  • How past can be used to as a learning tool by future applicants, governmental bodies and agencies?
  • Latest happenings and changes and what these changes will mean to candidates whose applications are pending or who intend to apply?
  • Proposed changes in future and if introduced what these changes will mean to candidates whose applications are pending or who intend to apply?

Visitors to the blog can

  • Share their experiences and ask the queries related to Immigration issues and visa matters
  • Can comment on the articles in the blog
  • Can respond to queries
  • Can submit articles

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