Ways to Migrate To Hong Kong

Hong Kong has one of the most successful economies in Asia. Many ambitious people from all over the world are immigrating to Hong Kong to gain advantage of its growing economy. The question arises how to migrate to Hong Kong. If you are looking for consultant help than you can rely on ABHINAV as it has best of international immigration advisors. It is India’s most reputed and oldest Immigration consulting company with offices located in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Pune. Mr Ajay Sharma, has a vast experience, is the lead consultant of the consultancy house.

There are mainly three programs under which you can migrate to Hong Kong. These programs are as follows:-

  1. Capital Investment Entrant Scheme
  2. Skilled Immigrants
  3. Family Class

To be eligible under Hong Kong Capital Invest Entrant program, applicant must have net minimum asset value worth 10 million HK dollars. Previously this amount use to be 6.5 million HK dollars. Hong Kong immigration department keeps on changing rules and regulations with time. So for immigration to Hong Kong it is important to be aware of latest policies and eligibility criteria.

To apply under skilled immigration program an applicant doesn’t require job offer. It is a quota based program. This program is to attract highly skilled people towards Hong Kong. There are two sub categories under this program which are:-

  1. General points test
  2. Achievement based points test

General test is for those who applicants who are highly skilled and experienced in their profession. Achievement base points test is for those who have achieved some kind of rewards for the important contribution in their fields. National or international level sports person are also included under this category.

Distribution of points depends on several factors like:-

  • Age
  • Academic qualification
  • Professional qualification
  • Family background, etc

Family Class immigration is for those applicants whose family members are permanent residents of Hong Kong. The family members can sponsor these applicants for immigration. Family member who is sponsoring the applicant must be

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