Want To Move To US Permanently? Follow EB-1 Visa Process & Fulfill EB-1 Criteria!

US Green Card
US Green Card


The First Preference Category EB-1 Visa is essentially an employment-based US Permanent Residence (PR) application class. It has an edge over other PR categories since the waiting time is frequently much smaller, vis-à-vis other Green Card petition classes. The Eb-1 Category is divided into three subcategories, namely, EB-1A, the EB-1B, and the EB-1C.

EB-1 Visa Process

For a person interested in the US PR in EB-1 Visa Category this is the Process:

He should file Form I-140 Application, petition for alien worker, and also present the needed proof to the USCIS (it is possible to present the Form I-485 Application alongside the Form -140 application.)

As per the EB-1 Visa Process, post the arrival of the Form I-140, the recipient ought to submit the Form I-485 application for what is called Adjustment of Status; an immigrant visa number is, at all times, obtainable for the EB-1A, and in case the recipient happens to be in the US.

In case the Form I-485 Application gets sanction from the USCIS, the receiver gets the prized PR standing in the US; a Green Card or a Permanent Resident Card will be sent to him via mail.

EB-1 Criteria

One may be qualified for the visa in case he has an extraordinary ability, is an exceptional professor or researcher, or is a multinational executive or manager. Every occupational category comes with some specific EB-1 Criteria that must be fulfilled:

Extraordinary Ability

It is compulsory that the applicant is in a position to validate extraordinary ability in the sciences, arts, business, education, or sports/athletics, via continuous national or worldwide praise. It is compulsory that his achievements are acknowledged in his chosen domain, via all-encompassing certification. For the sub-category, there is no need of an offer of job. Apart from this, the applicant must satisfy any 3 of the 10 EB-1 Criteria listed, or offer proof of a one-time achievement.

Outstanding Professors and Researchers

The aspirant must validate worldwide acknowledgment for his exceptional achievements in a particular academic field. It is mandatory that he possesses not less than 3 years of relevant experience in either research or teaching in that particular academic field. It is also compulsory that he is gaining admission into the US with a view to pursue tenure or tenure track teaching or similar research position at a university or other establishment of higher education.

It is also required that he presents the papers of not less than two listed proofs and an offer of job from the soon-to-be US recruiter/job-provider.

Multinational manager or executive

It is required that the applicant has been doing a job outside the US in the 3 years leading to the petition, for not less than 1 year by a company or corporation. It is also required that he is eager to enter the nation, to carry on service to that specific company or business. It is also compulsory that his job has been outside the US, in either a managerial or executive capability, and with the similar recruiter/job-provider, an affiliate, or a subsidiary of the employer.

Besides, as per the EB-1 Criteria for this sub-category, it is also required that his petitioning recruiter/job-provider is a US recruiter/job-provider. It is also compulsory that his recruiter/job-provider has been doing business for not less than 1 year, as either an affiliate, a subsidiary, or as the similar business or other lawful unit that hired him overseas.

Summary: If you wish to migrate to the US on a permanent basis here in this page you will know what EB-1 Visa Process you have to follow, and what EB-1 Criteria you have to fulfill.

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