Want Canada Express Visa? What to Keep in Mind!

Canadian Permanent Residency ApplicationExpress Entry has provided new horizons to the migrants. It has brought drastic changes to the immigration process and opened up endless migration opportunities for the wishful aspirants. The immigration system that was started in January 2015 is a new way of managing the migrants to the country. It provides a secured future to the applicants with the broad opening of enjoying its Permanent Residency (PR).

What to Keep in Mind

  • Keep patience–First come and first served rule doesn’t apply here. The gateways to Express Visa are often throughout the year. The applicant can apply whenever he wishes to. Depending on the point system, points matters.So, focus should be paid on seizing more points than applying at the earliest and resulting in getting rejected.
  • Eligible for PR–All those candidates who are selected in the Express Entry are invited to apply for the PR. So, targeting nomination and the job offer is one of the sure shot ways to get PR of the nation.
  • Couple of schemes–To successfully help the migrant in easy migration there are certain categories, such as Federal Skilled Worker, Federal Skilled TradesProgramme, and Canada Experience Class. It also includes few Provincial Nominee Schemes.
  • Express Entry–Canada Express Visa that is supported by Express Entry is an electronic platform through which an applicant needs to create his online profile. This profile is valid for the period of one year, and if by this time, an applicant didn’t get any offer, he may submit it again after 12 months.
  • Arrange for necessary details and documents–Before filing an application, get your skills assessed by governing authorities. Skill assessment is an important feature of the scheme. The chances of successful immigration very much depend on the scoring in skill assessment. Ensure adequate points for language skills as it is the governing feature of the scheme.
  • Keep an eye on the Comprehensive Ranking Scheme–The candidate’s application is assessed on a few factors, such as his age, educational qualification. Professional experiences, linguistic skills and all the necessary requirements that he needs to sustain his life in the country.
  • Further processing of the application–After scrutinizing the profile, the CSR ranks the applicant on the basis of his score obtained in assessment. The score may be improved by making a few additions to your profile.

These governing factors are-

  1. Get sponsorship from Canadian employer or
  2. Full time employment offer from the Canadian employer.
  3. Spouse skills also help in increasing the scores.

When the federal, provincial governments and Canadian employers are able to select their desired candidates, then the application of a candidate is put in the Job Pool. Selection of the candidates is organized from time to time, and the eligible applicants are picked from this bank. The application is the Job Pool remains for one year.

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