Visitors to Australia Grab 95% of Fresh Occupations

As many as 400,000 new jobs were produced in the national economy of the Kangaroo Land since 2011 even as migrants–who poured in the nation since the given year–took a staggering 95% of the total, and 380,000 of them, claims a news report based on a study.

The report adds that net immigration into Down Under runs at close-to 240,000 every year, the way the same has done for a few years. The stage was fixed at some point in a boom in the Australian economy, and at the present is far very high. Allegedly, succeeding administrations argued that high migration is helpful since the migration scheme is targeting skills not found in Oz, but adds the study illustrates that the same is not exactly the situation.

The report offers 3 grounds for the same:

SOL Outdated

Canberra permits individuals to submit an application for residence visas in case they have the needed expertise in a trade or line-of-work to be found on the Shortage Occupation List (SOL). As per the report, the list is dated. Several occupations seen on the list are not actually in short supply, even as there is no dearth of the nationals who have the necessary training in them and who are unable to find a job. Nurses, dentists, and accountants are just some such experts.

Students permitted to live

Numerous students–who pursued studies at the nation’s universities and educational establishments–have been given the right to present a petition for the Australian permits on positive terms. Students, who possess skills that Oz does not require, have been permitted to reside. For instance, several accountants have been given the permission to live regardless of the proof that the country has an excess of such professionals.

Laws ruling recruiter sponsorship for both permanent, impermanent entry skilled employment permits

More than 50% of the working migrants immigrate to Oz with visas which necessitate sponsorship from recruiters/firms. Allegedly, in some specific situations, workers from abroad are accepted in spite of there being 1000s of residents of Down Under who are jobless and capable enough to do the job.


But, the report has been attacked since the same was made public, particularly on the last and the third issue. Even as it is fact that numerous migrants are given sponsorship from job-providers/companies, it is a fact that they have to fulfill some permit requirements, and the same makes it rather tough for the job-providers/companies to take up foreign nationals, in case skilled residents of Down Under are accessible to perform the job. It is also claimed that despite the fact that immigration to the country is at a high stage, the report’s 95% claim is exceedingly doubtful.

Permit Mixing

Apart from this, the report proclaims, there are a large number of migrants who are present in the nation and who transfer from one permit to a new one. For instance, several students move to Tourist Permits when their Student Permits lose their legal validities. The report claims that these persons are roughly definitely working unlawfully; 142,000 students got other permits during 2012-13 and 28,484 students moved to Tourist Permits. The course is termed visa churning.

Allegedly, a remarkable number of these are expected to be doing jobs illegitimately. The said provisional entrants are boosting the ranks of the aspirants eager to locate a recruiter, to provide sponsorship to them, for an impermanent or permanent employment permit. They are also vigorously competing with young resident employment hunters of Australia for the semi-skilled entry stage employment opportunities.


The report proposes:

  1. A cut in the figure of the permanent migrants accepted by Oz per annum.
  2. Only those trained in professions, which are actually in short supply in the country, ought to be permitted admission to the Kangaroo Land.
  3. An upper limit on the figure of Temporary Work Permits. The figure of Working Holiday Makers especially ought to be restricted.
  4. Curbs and limits on visa churning.
  5. A raise in the training accessible to the national residents, dearth of skills are experienced or seen.
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