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Thanks to its great job market and ample job opportunities, Canada has always motivated the global community of migrants. If you are thinking to migrate to the hotspot as a skilled immigrant, then you need to know the nation will give several benefits to you, and your family.

To get swift entry to the country, choose one of the following Visa Express Canada gateways and grab its prized Permanent Residency (PR).

  • Federal Skilled Trades Programme (FSTP)–It is for all those wishful migrants who wish to become permanent residents on the basis of their skilled trade.
  • Federal Skilled Worker Programme (FSWP)–Through this gateway all those talented and skilled migrants who wish to make their life in the nationare invited into the country. Their work experience sets a positive background for them and increases their chances of migration. For successfully qualifying for the migration purpose, they need to meet the language criteria and their eligibility is assessed upon 6 point grid. This grid determines their eligibility of migration. An applicant is selected onthe basis of his skills, employment experience, age, education, valid job offer, and his ability to maintain the living in the country, for at least first 6 months of immigration.
  • Canadian Experience Class (CEC)–To get entry through this gateway, the applicant should have at least 12 months full time skilled work experience in the nation in the last 3 years before applying for a visa. You should have gained experience legally in the country. To successfully qualify for this gateway, you have to meet the required language levels that are necessary for your job. Plus, you must plan to live outside the Quebec province.

Canada Immigration

Whatever route,under the Visa Express Canada,you take to get an entry you will not find a great deal of problem. On successfully entering, you will get a PR Card. Itis eagerly sought after by the majority of migrants because of the benefits offered thanks to it.

The PR Card holder enjoys the following benefits:

  • He earns in dollars–His income increases manifolds and hence his standard of living gets elevated.
  • Secured life–The state government ensures safety of all the migrants who claim Canada as their home.
  • Social help system–One of the most exclusive benefits that are enjoyed by the migrant in the country is the social help system. Under this, all necessary help is provided to the migrant who has lost his job or wants to kick-start his work.
  • Excellent healthcare–The nation is famous for its extraordinary health facilities. There is also a provision of retirement and pension plans for the senior citizens.
  • Fair wages–Courtesy its strong economy, fair wages are paid to the workers and this allows them to enjoy their life to the full extent.
  • Safety & Security–The Maple Leaf Country is one of the safest countries to live. It also has the most liberal immigration & visa rules.

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