US L1–An Exceptional Visa

As a skilled worker with exceptional talent, you will always like to have the best from the value that you can bring, through your efforts. If you are in a developing country, the justification meted out to the delivery will never keep you satiated. You are always thinking that how you can capitalize on the skills and make the most from it.

USA L1 Visa
USA L1 Visa

In the first place, the possibilities are minimal in developing nations, but if you have the skills, then you can definitely get the recognition for the service that you deliver. Most of the times, you might have heard of workers getting petitioned and sponsored by their employers. So, with the right amount of talent and expertise in the respective field, you can definitely make it.

The demand for skilled professionals are more in the US, and owing to the rapid industrialization, innovation and research, they are always in need of the best people to help them develop their economy in the best possible way.

The USA L1 Visa provides the immediate benefit to meet with the burgeoning need of trained workers in the diverse sectors. Since the L1 Visa for US is a non-immigrant visa, there are no restrictions on the provision for approval and acceptance, and it can be processed as per the need of the hour.

The L-1 allows for intra-company transfer and only executives, managers and people with highly specialized knowledge can use this specific visa for the movement. With the help of the visa, you can also let your wife and dependent children to move to the country and live for a specified period of time.

The best thing to note at the same time about the USA L1 Visa is the dual intent that it serves for the immigrants. In the first instance, when you move using this visa, you have a maximum of 6 years of time to live in the overseas hotspot, but the possibility of getting the Green Card is not far off the view.

You can definitely file for the prized Permanent Residency (PR) and Green Card when you are going for the US L1 Visa, and it can positively let you move to the widely loved immigration destination without any trouble.

There is a special status granted to the L1 Visa holders and they can hold office of profit in more than one company. So, as a L1 Visa holder, you can still continue to work in the native land and end up in the US for rendering your services for a short duration. It is not mandatory that you will have to leave the job in the home country; you can break up the time accordingly and plan for a dual standard of the work.

As a L1 Visa holder to the US, you are hurled with few of the advantages that you cannot overlook in the first place. So, take   quick look at the benefits that you get while having the L1 Visa.

If you compare L1 visa with H1B, you will know that though the L1 can be processed by only the subsidiary, affiliates and parent companies, in terms of the visa cap, you have the much needed advantage. You can get the as many numbers of L1 Visa to be accepted and processed as the employers and the government demands.

At the same time, there is also the possibility of adjustment of status, and under the same, you can easily turn from a non-immigrant worker to a permanent citizen if the circumstances so unfolds.

This visa is exceptional but not all are lucky to grasp it in the first place. You will have to show exceptional skills and deliverance of the duty for getting notice from any of the employer in the US to get the visa accepted.

Frankly speaking, it is a rather tough job even while you must make your efforts to earn it specifically. You would do well to seek and get professional help from visa consultants dealing with US immigration to streamline the visa process.

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