US Govt to Cut Down On Exile of Unlawful Aliens

In a development that could be music to the ears of a large number of unregistered migrants in the US, the current Obama government is, reportedly, planning to initiate improvements in the nation’s immigration rules and regulations, in the near future.

Allegedly, the efforts are duly targeted at stopping the banishment of unregistered guests from the country. At the present, the US has over 5 million prohibited visitors on its territories. Via proclaiming restructurings in the immigration structure, the president could give relief, though momentary, to 1000s of aliens who are present in the country in an illegal manner.

Against the backdrop of fresh legislation on immigration not getting approval, thanks to a Congress at odds on the subject, Obama, reportedly, aims to bring in reforms via executive order. He opines that humanitarian approach alone validates the changes even as these cannot be ignored any more.

Meanwhile, and as expected, the families of immigrants have praised the president’s initiative. There is no dearth of families in the country with parents who lack lawful certificates/papers while their kids happen to be the citizens of US by birth. These parents forever live under the dread of being exiled from the nation. But, when the proposals stated by Obama become a certainty, these parents would be in a position to stay, with authorization, and even get Work Visas.

Significantly, this is not the first case of an American President planning executive orders to bring in immigration improvements as a couple of years ago, on the orders of then President Reagan, about 20000 nationals of Nicaragua were saved from exile. But, some political analysts see anxiety in this unexpected enthusiasm to pass immigration restructurings. They opine that the president is fully aware that Republicans are in favor of the improvements.

By passing them at the present, via an executive order, Democrats would manage to not only dent the efforts of Republicans but also get sympathy and approval from a large number of American voters. But the Obama government has no plans whatsoever to be soft on the banned immigrants who are any of these–criminals or foreigners who present risk to the national safety & security.

The surprising defeat handed to the Democrats by the Republicans in the month of November denotes that the administration will not be able to get the immigration reforms passed via legislation in the Congress. The reorganizations formed the basis of the election plank of Obama during his re-election during 2012. And this is the primary factor why the smooth passage of immigration reforms, through executive order, appears to be the lone choice left for the present government.

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