US EB-1 Requirements, EB-1 Processing Time Figured

US Green Card
US Green Card


The US EB-1 Visa Category is basically a permanent visa category and designed for some specific business individuals, professors and researchers, and those having incomparable talents. Such persons are known as Priority Workers. Those who end up finding acceptance don’t have to lay their hands on a labor certification.

As many as 40,000 visas are obtainable per annum under the category. Priority workers comprise: migrants with extraordinary ability in the arts, sciences, education, business, and sports/athletics (EB1-A); outstanding professors and researchers (EB1-B); and managers and executives of international firms being moved to the US on a permanent basis (EB1-C).

Self-petition Permitted for EB-1 A

As mentioned before, for the migrants with extraordinary ability (EB1-A), not just there is no need whatsoever for a labor certification but he also does not require getting sponsorship from a US recruiter/firm. Besides he also has the option of self-petition. But, the beneficiaries of the EB1-B and EB1-C are not exempt and they have to get sponsorship from a local American recruiter/firm.

EB-1 Requirements

EB-1 Requirements for Extraordinary Ability”

One may show extraordinary ability in his chosen domain (sciences, arts, business, education, or sports/athletics) via constant national or worldwide praise.

It is mandatory that the proof presented fulfill not less than 3 out of 10 EB-1 Requirements as decided by the USCIS, or offer proof of a really exceptional single accomplishment.

EB-1 Requirements for “Outstanding Professor or Researcher”

The applicant may prove that he has acquired global acknowledgment for outstanding performance in his special academic domain.

Apart from this, he must possess not less than 3 years of experience–either in research or in teaching–in the similar academic field.

Lastly, he must be looking to gain entry into the US with a view to either pursue tenure or tenure-track teaching, or grab a research opening at a university (or corresponding educational organization). Proof must meet 2 of 6 requirements as fixed by the USCIS.

EB-1 Requirements for “Multinational Executive or Manager”

It is for those keen to gain admission into the US to carry on doing a job for a group or company that has hired him in a managerial or executive position outside the country, for a minimum of one of the previous three years.

It is required that the petitioning recruiter/job-provider is a US recruiter/job-provider. He must also have been doing business, for not less than 1 year at the time of petition.

EB-1 Processing Time

The EB-1 Processing Time for three subcategories varies and is not similar. On the basis of the eligibility of the migrant, the EB-1 Processing Time and the sanction process time could take more or less time. The time to get an EB-1 Green Card characteristically depends on the candidate’s capability to successfully conclude the obligatory documentation precisely. The mistake made in an application can prolong the EB-1 Processing Time. The time also depends on how swiftly the USCIS processes the petition.

Commonly, the EB-1 Processing Time is close-to 4-6 months. Once sanction has been given to the EB-1 application, the USCIS can take roughly 3-5 months to issue the prized Permanent Residence (Green Card).

Summary: Check the blog to know about EB-1 Requirements, and EB-1 Processing Time.

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