US EB-1 First Preference: Employment Based Immigration Visa


US EB-1 (Green Card) Program is primarily based on Employment and is exclusively cut out for candidates who possess an exceptional ability in their respective field. EB 1 Visa caters to the following categories of Employment:

  • Well Qualified Professor
  • Researcher in a particular field
  • Multinational Executive or holds a Managerial position


US Green Card
US Green Card

Every EB -1 category mentioned above require certain requirements to be met for qualifying for EB 1 Green Card:

  • Must be able to showcase extraordinary aptitude in the field of sciences, arts, education, business, or athletics via a constant national or international recognition. Your contribution to the respective field should be backed by proper documentation. For this, there is no requirement for ‘Offer of Employment’ and can show.
  • Researchers and Distinguished Professors must provide international recognition for their contribution to their particular field. This encompasses 3 years of teaching or research experience in their particular field. Your reason for entering USA must be for undertaking the tenure or tenure track teaching or have a post of a researcher at a university or an academy of higher education.
  • Yet another EB-1 criteria for qualifying for EB-2 Green Card is that the candidate should hold an employment outside USA 3 years prior to the visa petition for a 1-year duration, with a firm or corporation and must have an intention to continue service in the same firm or organization. For this, the candidate must be employed in the capacity of an executive or a manager with the same employer, an affiliate, or an ancillary of the employer.


  • Produce an evidence comprising of national, international prizes or awards of excellence such as a Pulitzer, Oscar, Olympic Medal.
  • Produce an evidence of membership in associations which require outstanding achievement.
  • Present an evidence of published material in a professional or key trade publications or prominent form of media.
  • Evidence that you have been a judge on a panel or on an individual basis.
  • Original certifications of scientific, scholarly, artistic, athletic, or business-related that are of major importance.
  • Documents regarding penning down scholarly articles in professional, media, or in a prominent publication.
  • Proof that your work has been showcased at exhibitions
  • Proof of your performance in a pivotal role at illustrious institutions.
  • Documentary proof that you take large salary or high remuneration in comparison with others in your field.
  • Proof of your commercial accomplishments in the performing arts.
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