US B-2 Visitor Visa Controversies, Importance of Authorized Immigration Consultants

The nations–which do not have the right medical care with highly sophisticated technology and innovation–can always look forward to a better healthcare granted at the US. The US immigration through B-2 Visitor Visa is broadly divided into two types: non-immigrant visa and visa for acquiring permanent residency.

The B-2 Visa can also be used solely to help immigrants get education in the overseas hotspot, so it entirely depends on the individual which category they want to fall into.

US Immigration B-2 Visitor Visa—Prospects, Politics and Power

The concerns of terrorism and events at Charlie Hebdo, France bombing has recently compelled the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to take a closer look at those visas which are easily processed.

The scanner has come down hard on the US immigration B-2 Visitor Visa, and most of the nations which were waived off under the programme have been reconsidered and special leverage is taken to closely analyze ad monitor the visa.

Incidents Instigating the Stand, the Changes

The incidents and outlook on the Visitor B-2 Visa is because of the increasing threats from terrorism and there were also traces of sleeper cells operating in the Californian region. The Visitor Visa is full of advantages and it easily grants the visitor the chance to immediately make the movement. These special privileges have given more opportunity for terrorism to wreak havoc.

Hence, to manage the probabilities, there have a slew of changes which has been rightfully introduced in the immigration domain. Take a look at few under the US immigration B-2 Visitor Visa!

Under the guidance which has been strictly followed by the USCIS, some nations like Iraq, Syria, Pakistan, Iran and Sudan have been included in the list of countries which have a past record of sponsoring terrorism.

So, such nations have been vehemently denied the B-2 Visitor Visa to the US. These particular countries mentioned above will have to undergo strict guidelines and they will have to be assessed under the B-2 Visa.

There is no special waiver granted to the nationals of these countries, they will have be apply for the visa through their immediate consulates and embassy of the US based in their country.

Position of individuals with Dual Citizenship

The US has joined hands in the visa waiver programme, however, if there is an Iranian nation who has dual citizenship and he belongs to any of the 38 member nations under the US Visa waiver program, in that case also, they will have to apply for the B-2 Visa.

Scenario for other Visas

The situation for other visas is no different and some of the work related visa as well has severely been hammered by the staunch act of the USCIS. The immigration agency has put more scanning attitude on even skilled migrant’s visas, like L1, L2, H1 Visas and this has further offended the immigrants.

Effect of the Decision

The immigration pursuit will altogether look like a challenging upheaval for the immigrants. The most challenging of everything which has been planned would be to bring other visas in the same level playing field as the B-2 Visa.

With such an approach, there will be tough days definitely for the immigrants who have been all this while wishing for a completely promising visa process for their immigration pursuits.

The Way Out

The solution could only be possible through a good immigration attorney. If the immigrants are able o have good immigration consultants, who are aware of every aspect of the immigration, they can exploit their experience and understanding of different immigration programme to help make the immigration simple and promising for the immigrants.

But when you make yourself vulnerable on account of the demands, there is always a chance of getting defrauded. Make sure that the immigration consultants, whom you have hired for your pursuits, are authorized representatives.

The country of the origin recognizes the immigration agents and gives them authority to render their services. Given this, if the immigration agent of yours has been authorized, it will always keep you up in the ladder among the peers seeking immigration.

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