Updates For Canada Immigration FSW 2013

If you did not really start now, you may now get another chance until the reset of the Canada Immigration FSW 2013 in May 2014. If you really wish to start the process right now then this is the right time. You should approach us and avail our expert assistance on the Canadian migration application process.

As per the recent Updates On FSW 2013 program, the news suggest that certain trade codes have already hit the accomplished the maximum applications for the current year program (i.e. 300). The a>program in full swing, in order to achieve maximum efficiency from the new policy. The authorities are striving to strike a balance between the demands of skills in the local labor pool, and the available skills among the migration aspirants.

Some other codes are also fast approaching the annual numbers cap for Canada Immigration FSW 2013 edition. These include 2263 – Inspectors in public and environmental health and occupational health and safety (over 81% of slots booked), and 2134 – Chemical engineers (over 63% of places occupied).

Certain trade codes have also started attracting applicants from different corners of the world, these include, 2243 – Industrial instrument technicians and mechanics (33% of 300 places reserved), 3212 – Medical laboratory technicians and pathologists’ assistants (31% of places booked), and 2144 – Geological engineers (29% applications received), etc..

If you are willing to make a move and want to move to this awesome location, then it is still not late. Approach us, and know about the availability of places in your trade code. If there is still some room available, then we can help you kick start your Canada Immigration endeavor.

As per Updates For Canada Immigration FSW 2013, the total number of applications received for Canada Immigration FSW 2013 stand at 3450. The total number of places available for this year’s program is 5000 (with an annual sealing of 300 requests in 24 trade codes).

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