UKBA Discloses Instructions for LMU Students

In an important development, the United Kingdom Border Agency (the UKBA) has publicized the much-needed instructions for those students from outside the boundaries of the European Economic Area (EEA) who could be keen to pursue studies at the London Metropolitan University in the forthcoming educational year.


Recently, the said organization (theUKBA) took back the Highly Trusted Sponsor status from the LMU even as the same implies that those students–who are from the non-EEA–would not continue to be in a position to pursue their studies at the said university. It also implies that their Tier 4 UK Student Permits will be cancelled until and unless these students may stumble across some other group involved with education to offer sponsorship to them.


Meanwhile, the UKBA has disclosed that a team is being formed to offer help to the affected students. The said team will leave no stones unturned whatsoever
ip to them, with the only condition being that they cater to the prerequisites to purse studies inside Great Britain, through the Tier 4 Permits.


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