Steps to obtaining a visa for Lithuania

Abhinav Outsourcings can assist you to get ready every crucial paper/certificate to obtain the prized Lithuania Residence Permit on the basis of your business movement.

Lithuania Immigration
Lithuania Immigration


Step 1: Register a business
Prior to beginning all the initial process, it is essential that you duly register a firm, or purchase an already running and suitably registered business in the Baltic country. Get in touch with us for more information.

Step 2: Provide jobs
Post becoming the owner of the firm, you will have to provide work for, on a full time basis, to not less than three citizens of the nation, or overseas citizens who stay in the nation on a permanent basis. It is vital that the business is running during the previous six months before presenting a petition form for TRP is in operation. Hence buying a running business may be the only appropriate solution for applicants who are not willing to wait.

Step 3: Await Validation
In the wake of certificates/papers submission on the basis of business registration, the decision on temporary residence permit that will be issued for one year, will be taken, and you will be able to learn about a decision inside just four months or so. The Lithuania Migration Body will issue a TRV for one-year validation on the grounds of business. At the end of that period (not less than two months prior to the conclusion of the present existing TRV) you are required to consult the nation’s migration department, for the object of either renewal or extension of the Residence Permit.


  1. In the beginning, the Temporary Residence Permit Card will be offered for a period of one year even as later the same will be duly changed for a two year time.
  2. It is not vital for a candidate/proprietor of a business to be self-employed in the business enterprise and pay taxes for himself.
  3. The share capital of a firm ought to amount to EUR 29000 and no less than EUR 15000 from this general sum – the invested funds.

Process of obtaining Lithuania Residence Visa OPTION 1:

  1. Client sends us the needed personal particulars (passport reproduction, place of residence address, e-mail, and telephone number) to start the procedure with us. Post we sign a deal, the client pays half of the total amount in advance.
  2. Inside a week we get ready the required certificates/papers only to send them to the customer via e-mail. The client prints certificates/papers as advised only to revert back with these duly signed, via courier.
  3. Post we get certificates/papers; inside just a week we will arrange every required document and will obtain endorsements from Governmental Establishments to the client.
  4. When the firm and the TRP certificates/papers are ready, we scan and send it to the customer by e-mail and request the customer to make the remaining payment.
  5. Post we get the rest of the payment; certificates/papers will be sent by courier.
  6. The client gets the certificates/papers documents, and makes an appointment at the nearest Lithuanian Embassy. He presents the certificates/papers documents to the Embassy and shells-out the documents submission charges.
  7. Post the Migration Department obtains certificates/papers from the Embassy; the client has provided there, submission decision has to be taken inside just 2 to 4 months. Processing times are subject to change without notice.
  8. In the wake of a positive decision, it is essential that the customer duly applies to the Embassy inside few weeks to receive a short-term national type D permit on the ground of the TRP endorsement.
  9. The client arrives in the nation straight away and goes to the Migration Department to submit an application for a plastic residency Card.
  10. The same is issued inside just 5 working days. Processing times are subject to change without notice.
  11. From now, the alien has the authority to reside in the Baltic nation, make a trip through all the nations of the Schengen member zone, and carry-out business for 12 months or one year. Two months prior to the ending of his TRP, it is indispensable that the customer applies for the renewal of the TRP and offers his tax and business activity papers.

Option 2: Submit the Petition at Local Lithuanian Embassy/Consulate

Through the choice, the submission is prepared and submitted at the local Lithuanian Embassy, which afterwards forwards the petition to the Vilnius, Lithuania based Immigration Office. The latter reverts with its decision to the Embassy, and the former then informs the candidate about the decision. In case the biometric facilities are not obtainable at the Local Embassy, the candidate could be required to move to Vilnius to obtain the TRP Card. On the whole, the submission processing time could be approximately between 6 and 12 months despite the fact that the usually “informed” submission-processing period is roughly 6 months.

Bring your family to the Schengen Zone

In case the firm’s shareholders and workers happen to be a couple, wife and husband, their under-age kids may, by design, get a Temporary Residence Permit in the nation. And, in case the firm’s shareholder is either of the parents, he will be in a position to welcome his family to the Baltic nation in the wake of two years.

Permanent Residence Visa (PRV) to Reside in Lithuania

  • It is crucial that you stay in the country for a period of five years, as an impermanent residence permit holder
  • Pay taxes,
  • Clear the exam for Lithuanian language and State Constitution knowledge.

You will get PRV with a time of five years even as at the conclusion of the same (from a combined total of 10 years) you can obtain the much sought after Lithuanian citizenship.

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