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Canadian Permanent ResidencyWant to settle abroad in a beautiful and developed global economy? If yes, apply for Canadian Permanent Residency! It is a fact this nature-blessed North American Country is one of the most loved places in the whole world. Renowned for rewarding business and work opportunities,it is also a haven for the nature lovers. Greenery, glaciers, waterfalls, and beautiful parks across the country attract a large number of people from overseas.

No wonder, there is practically no dearth of those who want to become the Canadian permanent residents. Infact,the Maple Leaf Country receives the highest number of PR applications every year from across the globe, and from far and wide. A would-be migrant from Pakistan wants to become its permanent resident and so does a would-be migrant from Palestine.

As far as India is concerned, here, in this part of the world, the love for the Maple Leaf Country is legendary. Watch any popular masala movie in the country, and the chances of finding a mention of this hotspot will be fairly high. Either the heroine’s father will be settled in Canada, or you will find the leading pair romancing in the virginal beauty of this exotic place.

The available data nails the issue when we find that every year the country welcomes approximately 200,000 new immigrants.What’s more: the number of Canada immigration motivated aspirants is further increasing at a great speed. Other so-called top destinations–like the US and the UK– do not even come closer to the number. And with the incumbent heads of these nations the likelihood of any improvement in the status seems far-fetched.

The country also accepts immigrants on the humanitarian/refugee basis and the widely reported acceptance of the Rohingya Refugeesis a classic exampleand something that further raises the status of the Maple Leaf Country in the eyes of the discerning migrants and others.

Coming back to the subject of Permanent Residency in the nation, it is given to the non-Canadian nationals, mainly to those who want to shape their future and are capable of contributing towards the country’s economic and social welfare. You will have to wait a couple of years before you can convert the same into Canadian citizenship. But with the PR status you can live and work in the country indefinitely and can enjoy most of the rights at par with its citizens.

Like a large number of people, if you, too,ant to apply for Canadian Permanent Residency,then you will be extremely happy to know that you will be welcomed in the country with an open heart. Since the in-office Liberal Government stormed to power, there has been further improvement.

Express Entry was the first good news and since then lot many changes to the other programmes have also been made.

If you are keen to apply for Canadian permanent residency you need to check thesekey features!

International Students: If you are pursing, or have already completed a degree from a recognized Canadian institution, then becoming a permanent resident will be acakewalk for you. You can apply under the Express Entry Plan, and guess what, you will not only be given extra points for your Canadian degree but your application will be fast processed as well.

Family Unification:It’s a new ray of hope. Ottawa believes in keeping the family together and thus it has simplified the family unification stream. Using the same, Canadian permanent residents can easily sponsor their family members, such as spouse/common law partner, children, parentsand grandparents.

Fresh amendments in the Express Entry for business professionals:The incumbent immigration minister has reportedly announced that the government is working on the Express Entry to make it friendlier for the business immigrants. Eradication of the LMIA is the first step towards the same.

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They play a crucial role in helping the candidates become a permanent resident. It’s their daily work but for a layman successfully applying for residency is like climbing the Mount Everest.Given this, take assistance and guidance from such professionalsto successfully apply for Canadian Permanent Residency, and make your journey to the cherished status smooth and hassle-free.

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