Schengen Visa Application Form

If you are anxious to behold the beauty of some attention grabbing attractions such as The Pantheon, Schonbrunn Gardens, Gellert Hill Cave and Notre Dame Cathedral, it’s time to travel Europe, better known as a sanctuary for tourists. But, before heading to Europe, you have to get Schengen visa that allows you to visit the world’s most beautiful place. The Schengen Visa Application Form can be downloaded from several websites. An applicant needs to fill the form carefully to avoid any mistake and provide all information.

The Schengen visa allows you to travel various other countries that include 22 European Union States and 3 other countries. It is really an important type of visa that permits a visa holder to travel any of the member states frequently and makes them free from hassles. The process of getting Schengen is much easier, but you need to go through the entire information carefully before submitting Schengen Visa Application Form. The Schengen visa is quite beneficial for those who wish to travel many EU member countries, just need to carry one single visa.

The Schengen visa is also cost effective and paves your way to visit Europe. No matter what inspires you to visit European Union Countries, the Schengen visa caters your desires by making you authorized to travel all the member countries. Visitors flock in such member countries with different purposes such as business, holiday and others.

Moreover, the Schengen Visa is issued to citizen of other countries with maximum validity of 6 to 12 months and allows them to stay in member countries for maximum duration of three months

In order to fill Schengen Visa application Form, an applicant needs to follow all the guidelines provided in the form and then fill accordingly. Here are some important tips that will help you in filling application form.

1) An application form should be filled in black ink

2) An application form should be filled in block capitals

3) An application form must be duly signed

4) Make sure application form is up to date and go through all the requirements with embassy.

5) Avoid to send passport covers while sending passport

6) Check validity of your passport

7) Make sure you have proof of Hotel booking and confirmed air tickets for proposed travel dates.

8) Make sure you have dispatched all the documents along with the application form.

9) Make sure you have travel insurance as it is the most important document that is to be shown several times while travelling. You have to show full proof of your financial capability as well and make sure your passport contains one blank page

Getting Schengen Visa is a wise decision as it allows you to visit several European Union Countries and creates lots of fun. To fill Schengen Visa Application

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