Quebec Skilled Worker Training Factor

Quebec is a province based in Canada which is largest in terms of area and second largest considering the administrative division segment and it is dominated by French speaking people and this province is also second largest in terms of population.


The Quebec is province holds a great value to the people who are looking for an opportunity to build a career in the province by migrating there as Quebec provides excellent employment opportunities to skilled people and offers good living conditions. People can find various kind of job here and get employed with substantially good remuneration.


However the people migration under the category of skilled workers are judged on basis of certain factors and awarded points in appoint based system. There are various aspects on the basis of which a candidate is judged and on obtaining satisfactory points they are eligible to start working under the category of skilled employers in Quebec.


The categories on the basis of which a willing candidate is judged are training in the particular field on which the person wishes to be employed, experience in that particular field, age of the candidate, language proficiency of the candidate (proficiency in both English and French are added advantage), duration of stay if the candidate, the characteristics of the spouse of the candidate, validated employment offer from a recognized firm etc.


The employability pass mark for single applicant and that of a married applicant are different, the financial self sufficiency of the candidate, his adaptability to the newer environment and working conditions, the status of children are also considered as training factors.


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graduate diploma with three years of experience, post secondary school technical diploma, secondary school vocational diploma while lowest point generators are secondary school general diploma, post secondary school general diploma etc.


The area of training is intended to identify candidates according to their scores in their examinations and it is compiled with Quebec job market requirements, there are various divisions in the area of training from section A through G which provide the candidate with points differing among various categories. This area of training is used to prioritize the process of applications from workers interested in migration and working as skilled laborers.


Experience is another category in the skilled worker training factor and the candidate are given high points for an experience of more than four years, three or two years of experience earn medium points while less than 6 months of experience do not earn the candidate with any points.


Age is also another important criteria and people under 17 years or over 43 years of age of age applying as skilled worker do not earn any point in the point based system however, people with 37 years of age earn maximum points. Language proficiency, stay and family in Quebec, characteristic of the spouse also act as training factors and earn the candidate various points in the system.


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