Quebec skilled worker occupations in demand

Quebec skilled worker program is the immigration program designed to attract skilled personals from all over the world. This program is developed to attract the individual who has some skills, speaks French and have the ability to adapt to the Quebec culture. Moreover, based on Quebec skilled worker occupations in demand the immigrants are judged and awarded points.


The factors on which the immigrants are selected are the education, work experience, language proficiency, adaptability and age. Based on these factors the immigrants are awarded points, and these points help in securing the residency in Quebec province. Apart, from these main factors the Quebec skilled worker’s occupation in demand is also considered for immigration applications.


The list of Quebec skilled worker occupations in demand includes the jobs like chemists, mathematicians, engineers, technicians, retailers, wholesalers and technologist. The immigrants with such skilled are preferred for applications because their demand is high in the market. Moreover, the immigrants who have the greater potential to establish economically in the province are also catered first in the application process.


The application process for the Quebec skilled worker is kept simple and interactive, so the immigrants can easily access them. Moreover, the point system for different factors is also kept simpler, so each immigrant can easily understand them. The official site for

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  1. dear sir/ mam i am 28 years old , M.A. panjabi and b.ed, and M.ed (masters in educatin) and 5.5 in ielts can i got pr in Quebec or winnipeg, plz tell me i have 6 month teaching experience in an edication college as a assistant professor of education, i have sponshership of winnipeg, not blod relation ,

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