Quebec Immigrant Investor Programme Offers Good Canada Investor Visa Option for Indian Aspirants

Great news for those interested in getting the prized Permanent Residence Visa (PRV) in Canada through the investment path, especially those keen to figure out what Canada Investor Visa options for Indian aspirants are left against the backdrop of the closure of the Canada Federal Investor Immigrant Programme (FIIP)!

In the Quebec Immigrant Investor Programme (QIIP), the Maple Leaf Country is still left with a very good Canada Investor Visa Programme for the Indians and others.

Yes, with the closure of the Canada Federal Immigrant Investor Programme (FIIP), now the QIIP–run by the French-speaking province of Quebec–is the only choice left for those business immigrants who have a high net worth, and who are keen to get PR in the country on the grounds of a passive investment!

The USP of the QIIP is that it is passive in nature. It is the only provincial immigration stream that allows the applicants to obtain PR through a passive investment! It denotes that you do not have to either set-up or aggressively run and administer a business in the region.

Successful aspirants get a selection certificate from the province for the object of Canada immigration, which allows them to obtain the prized Canadian PR, in the aftermath of health and criminality examinations by the Federal immigration authorities.

As per the latest information, Quebec is admitting a total of 1,900 petitions in this new intake period, which continues until March 15, 2019, with an augmented investment threshold and superior net worth requirement.

Now, as per the new rules, aspirants have to make an investment of $1.2 million (previously $800,000), for a time-frame of 5 years with no interests given or expected. As per the latest requirements, now the aspirants must also illustrate a net worth of $2 million (previously $1.6 million).

QIIP: 2018 Main Requirements

  1. Lawfully obtained personal net worth of $2 million. With a view to fulfill the bare minimum net worth requirement of $2 million, it is required that the candidates illustrate the net value of their current assets, and also how they gained the funds over the years with supporting credentials. Bank statements, real estate evaluations, investor booklets, audited financial statements and additional pertinent and current documentation are used to show net worth. As per the requirements, the aspirants must also declare each and every of their personal assets & liabilities. But they do not have to show proof of assets further than $2 million. The aspirants must also show that their net worth was obtained through legitimate means.
  2. Two years of appropriate management or business experience inside the five years preceding the application. The goal of the popular scheme is to draw business acumen and investment to the region. A qualified candidate has characteristically possessed or run an active trade or business, which may include professional practices, rather than just running investment activities. Gray regions include professionals that don’t administer the business, passive real estate investors and investment managers. For instance, while developing real estate can be eligible, just possessing real estate may not meet the criteria.
  3. Investment of $1.2 million into a passive government guaranteed investment for a period of five years with no interests. Successful candidates have to make their investment for a time-frame of five years, at the end of which the capital is given back, minus any interests. The five year period starts with the issuance of the selection certificate, before the candidate has even landed in the Maple Leaf Country.
  4. Aim to settle in the province. The Indian aspirants, eager to apply for get Canada Investor Visa through the QIIP, must also exhibit their aim to settle in the region.
  5. Among other requirements is the requirement that all interested aspirants must get a passing score under the province’s points system. Utilize the QIIP Calculator with a view to calculate your possible points under the QIIP scoring structure!

Make the most fruitful use of the information shared here on the subject of the Canada Investor Visa option left for the Indian aspirants and the aspirants from other nations, and get the PRV with ease and speed!

Summary: Quebec Immigrant Investor Programme is the only Canadian Investor Programme now left for the Indian aspirants, keen to get a Canada Investor Visa and become a permanent resident in the Maple Leaf Country.

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