PR Visa for Australia–Key Benefits & Requirements

Chance to Get Immigration to Australia
Chance to Get Immigration to Australia

Australia is a wonderful country even as its Permanent Residency Visa (PR) is much sought after. This nation runs and manages several visa categories using which one can apply for PR Visa for Australia.

In order to apply for it, the aspirants must follow the point based immigration system. It usually determines the applicant’s eligibility for the PR Visa based on the scores of the selection factors, such as language proficiency, work experience, as well as education, etc.

To get the PR Visa, you must know the key benefits, as well as requirements, and varied visa categories that offer PR.

PR Visa for Australia Requirements

  • Arrange key Documents

The arrangement of key documents becomes important in order to successfully apply for the PR in Australia. Apart from the routine travel and educational documents, you need two other important documents, such as English Language proficiency test result (IELTS), as well as Skill Assessment report by the concerned authority.

  • Choose the Relevant or Appropriate Visa

It becomes essential to choose the right PR Visa Category to apply. The most common categories are the Non-Sponsored Visa and State Nominated Visa, including Employer Nominated Visa. You must know which category best suits your specific requirements.

  • Select an Occupation from SOL

Once the suitable visa is selected, it becomes essential for you to select the appropriate occupation from the skilled occupation list. Suppose you are applying for Non-sponsored Visa, choose the profession from that particular SOL, or if you are applying for any State Nominated Visa, then choose that particular line-of-work from SOL of that particular Australian State.

  • Apply in Point Based System

Once your selection is done, you can apply. First and foremost thing is to submit Expression of Interest (EOI) in the online Skill Select system by mentioning your important profile details, such as your age, as well as your qualification, work experience, including the language ability, and so on. Based on these, you will be given the points for each of your profile factor. And your collective score must be a minimum of 60 points in order to apply through the point based system. Higher point score will definitely increase your chances of securing the Invitation to Apply (ITA).

  • Health and Character Requirements

You must meet this requirement of Health and Character. That means, you should be medically fit and have moral character. You need to provide the relevant certifications as well, by going through the medical examination and the character verification process. 

Benefits of PR in Australia

The rights and benefits acquired by PR in Australia are as follows:

  • It provides you the rights to reside and work in the nation indefinitely.
  • The visa holders are permitted to move from Australia to other countries frequently within the initial period of 5 years.
  • After spending the initial years (5 years) as a permanent resident, applying for the country’s citizenship becomes easy.
  • Permanent residents get all rights and privileges that greet the citizens.
  • You can even sponsor your dear ones to Down Under.

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