Petroleum Engineers Demand Currently High in Australia

Are you a trained Petroleum Engineer and not fully satisfied with its prospects in your own country? If yes, you need not to worry as Australia is currently interested in you. The immigration body of the nation is officially inviting qualified aspirants to arrive and live in the country to meet the increased demand of Petroleum Engineers in Australia.

Petroleum Engineering is possibly the most exciting field from the engineering field. It involves a great deal of travelling and may take the professionals to the places they may not have even heard of. For these experts, every day is full of new challenges and new opportunities. Petroleum Engineers are known with several titles with Reservoir Engineers, Drilling Engineers, and Production Engineers being just some such titles.

To join the thriving Petroleum sector in Oz, you need a Bachelor Degree. However, higher degree is most beneficial. In some particular cases, you may be asked for relevant experience and/or on-the-job training on and above the recognized qualifications.

Petroleum Engineers–Major Responsibilities

These professionals are required to conduct preliminary surveys of petroleum, mineral and natural gas deposits with mineral scientists and other engineers in order to decide the resources present, the feasibility of extracting the reserves, and the design and development of the extraction procedure.

They are required to prepare operation and estimate project cost and production schedules and accordingly report progress, production and costs as per the budget set. They further determine the suitable methods of ore extraction taking into account a range of factors, such as depth of overburden and physical features of deposits and immediate strata.

They develop plans for constructing tunnels and chambers, location and construction of mine shafts, layout of mine development and the application of appropriate mining methods. They also asses the technical, natural, financial and safety risk connected with different phases of the project progress and running.

They decide the safety of procedure, extraction order and are accountable for the safety of mine walls. They further appraise the risk of slippage and accordingly counsel on the prevention of slippage and rock falls. They also plan and organize with the utilization of labor and equipments consistent with efficiency goals, safety guidelines and environment situations.

They plan and carry-out research and offer advice on engineering operations for the removal and exploration of petroleum and natural gas. They also decide the location for drilling and decide on the kinds of equipments and machineries used. They also devise the various ways of controlling the flow of oil and gas from wells.

Code & Skill Lists

The high demand of Petroleum Engineers in Australia might be fulfilled through the code ANZSCO 233612. The occupation is further mentioned on the following list of occupation:

  • Skilled Occupations List
  • Consolidated Sponsored Occupations List
  • Labour Market Testing Required for 457 List
  • RSMS Occupations List

Petroleum Engineers may start with package of AU$69,515 in Down Under and this will increase on yearly basis. Alongside, you will get many social benefits to enjoy in the ‘Land of Kangaroos’, Australia. Some observers assert that Petroleum Engineers are the ones who are paid the highest among all engineering experts.

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