Permanent Residence (PR) Visa For Lithuania

Visa For Lithuania

Lithuania is considered as gateway to the European subcontinent and forms parts of the Schengen area country. Lithuania boasts of a good mix of opportunities as most of its geography locations and the natural resources are still underutilized. Lithuania provides its citizens a peaceful ambience for living and opportunities for economic progression. All these factors together make for a good reason for the rising number of immigrants coming to Lithuania.

The permanent residence (PR) visa for Lithuania signifies a long term resident status in the republic of Lithuania. The document certifies the official status of one’s permanent resident in the Republic of Lithuania. The Department of Immigration mentions certain conditions on the residence permit as prerequisite on

entry set in the Schengen Borders Code. The permanent residence (PR) visa for Lithuania is not available directly. The immigrant is required to first avail the temporary residence visa to immigrate to this part of the world. The immigrant must first stay at Lithuania for a period of five years under the temporary visa before applying for a permanent visa.

The person is required to provide means of subsistence for a regular revenue of livelihood which supports his stay in the republic of Lithuania. In addition to the livelihood details the person is also supposed to own a place of accommodation in the Republic of Lithuania. A contract of lease should substantiate the claim on accommodation and the duration of the said contract should not be shorter than the permit on temporary residence permit. The person should also have a valid document on health insurance coverage so as to make cover on medical emergencies while at stay. In case the person doesn’t have a valid document on insurance coverage, an alien or an existing citizen of the republic of Lithuania is required to pay the charges for health care services. As a temporary resident the immigrant must also show his proficiency with the official language. The Lithuanian test on language focuses on building sentences or phrases that are used daily in the country.

The benefits with the permanent resident visa are many and place the visa holder at par with any other Lithuanian citizen. The visa however doesn’t allow the person to stand for a political establishment or make his vote during election. A permanent visa allows the person to travel to any of the countries in the Schengen area or European Union without being asked for visa. A permanent visa holder is allowed to reside, study, conduct business, buy property and invest in any of the countries in the Schengen area and European Union. Status on permanent residency also brings in the social benefits on education, security, dwelling and medical care. The permanent residents and their children are provided free education at the Lithuanian schools and the higher universities. The immigration  policy however makes no clear specification on the education and work criteria of the intending immigrant. But suggestively a higher qualification and a substantial experience on the professional expertise should add weight to the application.

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  1. May I got PR in Lithuania ?

  2. Do u have any solution of getting visa and start business in Europe for illegal person _

  3. from where we can get language proficiency,whats the complete procedure for getting immigration, I am a teacher can I teach english? whats the criteria of english teacher?

  4. Dear Javed,

    Kindly send us detailed resume of self and spouse(if married) at [email protected] and we shall guide you further.

  5. I have completed my Post graduation in computer application and having more than 4 years of experience in software development. can you please suggest how can I apply for a PR in Lithuania ?

  6. Hello Mr.Retheesh,
    Thanks for the comment.PR visas we do only for Canada,Australia,Denmark and hongkong. For Lithuania only investment visas are there. If you are interested please send us detailed resume of self and spouse(if married)to [email protected] and we shall guide you further.

  7. I am a MBA graduate. And I am interested in doing a MS program in Kaunas institute of technology. And I have planned to settle in Lithuania.. Pls guide me further.

  8. Hi, I am going to study in Vilnius University. I want some part time jobs. Where I have to get that. And what are the requirements and procedures to get PR in Lithuania. Any one pls guide me?

    Thank u for reading

  9. hi my name is garry .I have done 2.i done my iti & dca. so now I want go to for luthunia. please help me how I go to for lithuania p.r.

  10. hi my name is garry .I have done 2.i done my iti & dca. so now I want go to for luthunia. please help me how I go to for lithuania p.r. lithuania is my dream country.

  11. We are the top Immigration and Visa Consultants of india that provide you the opportunity to migrate to your dream country. Please fill the inquiry form and we will contact you ASAP.

  12. Hi,
    I am dr.anup sarker apu.I have completed my mbbs course in bangladesh.I have 3 years job experience.Now i am doing government job as a medical officer in bangladesh.But i want to go lithunia and study more.I want to stay in lithunia permanently.If i go lithunia,can i get job?please help me giving information about these.

  13. Hello Sir,

    Sorry But we do not deal with with Bangladeshi clients. If you are an indian by nationality kindly revert me back…

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