How to get permanent residence in Australia

Thinking about in getting world’s fastest growing economy? Are you thinking about to get permanent residency in to the land of kangaroos, Australia? Here, we give you quick suggestions on How to get permanent residence in Australia.

The first thing that you need to think is applying under the right migrant category for immigration to Australia. For the information you can also take the help of experienced immigration consultants like Abhinav Outsourcing. The consultancy has made a presence of more than a decade in visa services.

 In general, Australian migration program, for permanent residency, is categorised into two groups: migration and humanitarian . Previous to making an application for migrating to the land it is of vital importance to make a quick verification of the current rules and any updation if made.

 Every category has its own predefined sets of eligibility and For applying into any category that migration to Australia, one has to meet the requirements that the category specifies in which one applies. Along with this one you also need to satisfy physical requirement of being healthy and bearing a moral character.

The chief migration category is sub classified into the three separate categories namely: family migration, special eligibility migration and skilled migration

  • Family migration: sponsored by a family member that is a permanent resident of Australia or has acquired citizenship.
  • Skilled migration: applicable for well
    skilled workers who are eligible into area defined as a skills scarcity in any region of the country.
  • Special eligibility migration: exclusively for ex- Australian citizens or residents that desire to return to Australia, plus certain acknowledged New Zealanders.

While one is ready to submit application, one has to make arrangements for fees and along with fill complete all forms in English. The other documents required are having certified copies of documents, such as marriage certificates, birth certificates, employer references and trade or educational qualifications, certified by notary or other legal professional that can attest that copies are correct copies of the original documents. You should avoid sending original documents.

Once you satisfy all the essential requirements for immigration, you will have an interview

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  1. I want to apply for a permanent residency in Australia and how can get one.


  2. Dear Barbara,

    Kindly send us your detailed resume for evaluation at [email protected] and we shall guide you further.

  3. Dear Sanam.
    I would like to get an Australian visa for my family.(including me/my wife/son 3years/son 1.5year and my wife)
    can you pls help me to get the permanent residence visa.hope your kind reply soonest.


  4. hi, I would like to ask if my sister just obtain her citizenship. can she sponsorship me to come in Australia?

  5. Hello Stephanie,

    She can but it depends, she can only if she is in the designated area and its going to be( 489 visa)which is temp visa. If you need assistance in PR visa you can send us updated resume of self and spouse(if married) at [email protected] for further guidance.

  6. If i enter Australia with visitor temporary visa, how can I get permanent resident in Australia or citizenship.

  7. you can visit to Australia on visit visa, however for permanent Resident and citizenship of Australia, there are different rules and procedures. kindly send us your updated CV on [email protected] our consultant shall assess your case and guide you for further procedure.

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