Ottawa Proclaims Multiple-entry Permits

In a major development, it has been revealed that Canada will provide foreign visitors MEVs, also known as Multiple Entry Permits. It denotes a simpler permit petition procedure for foreign visitors, via harmony of single & multiple entry permit charges.

Trained visitors will be permitted to get the MEVs for arriving and departing from the Maple Leaf Country, for a time-frame of 6 months at a time even as the said multiple entry permits will have a validity of a maximum of 10 years with no requirement whatsoever of filing a petition every time. Allegedly, it’s a wonderful news report for the overseas guests keen to visit the famous immigration destination.

Single Permit Charge

Ottawa has declared harmonizing the single as well as multiple-entry permit charges of $100 for the object of the processing of single permits or multiple-entry permits. Against this backdrop, the charges will presently be 100 Canadian Dollars. It does not matter if one files a petition for a single entry permit or a multiple entry permit. Earlier, one had to shell-out 150 Canadian Dollars for the said purpose.

Simplified Permit Submission Procedure

It is

claimed that the latest step of the harmonizing of permit charges will make the submission procedure for permit aspirants simpler. The same will improve Canada tourism as an improved number of travelers from abroad—particularly those who wish to make numerous visits–will be motivated.

Better International Competitiveness

Close-to 35 million travelers arrive on the Canadian territories per annum even as the latest step will swell the figure of foreign guests to the nation, and this comprises the foreigners keen to visit the country for sight-seeing or for business purposes. Significantly, the multiple entry permits are rather accepted by the travelers from India, China, & Mexico.

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