Numerous Good Australia PR Visa Options Available for Nurses

Chance to Get Immigration to Australia

Australia is a fantastic country which has a strong economy and wide range of opportunities for the people looking to emigrate and work, live or study there in. much like other in-demand professionals who have a choice of visas for PR, trained nurses, too, have this excellent option. PR Visas for Nurses could be availed to move as a permanent resident.

Nursing is one of the occupations which see a large exodus, seeking better opportunities in the overseas hotspot. The visa for this profession falls under the category of the Skilled Occupation List (SOL). The most commonly used specialization when applying for a visa is Registered Nurse NEC (Not Elsewhere Classified). All skilled labour visas would require evidence of work experience for a positive work assessment.

All work classifications under the nurse/nursing are not under the Skilled Occupancy List. While occupations in the higher echelons would be in the SOL, jobs like Nurse Educator, Nurse Manager and Nurse Researcher are not in the SOL, but on Consolidated Sponsored Occupation List (CSOL).

Most visa applications for nurses receive priority processing. In most cases,the ANMC is the regulatory body which will assess the eligibility of all the nurses hoping for a PR Visa. There are different kinds of visas for nurses to suit individual needs–whether be it highly skilled or gain additional skills.

Let’s discuss few types of visas available below!

  • Skill Matching Visa – This is a visa much sought after for and nominated by a state or territory. It is aimed at the nurses whose skills are much in demand and who fulfil all criteria of applying for the PR Visa.
  • Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS) – This specific visa is designed to help the employers fill vacancies from the labour market or through in house training. To be eligible for this, you have to be less than 45 yrs of age, with three years of relevant training and three years of work experience.
  • Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS) – This scheme enables the employers to recruit and fill vacancies for which suitable candidates aren’t available in the labour market, and are hired from overseas and are eligible for a Permanent Visa.
  • Business Visa – This scheme allows an approved business sponsor to hire a nurse to work temporarily, and they can stay upto 4 years along with family members, along with full work permits.
  • Skilled Independent Visa – This option is for those who have not ventured through the sponsored route. This visa is most suited for those who have relevant Australian qualifications and work experience along with meeting the merit based points test.
  • Working Holiday Visa – People between the ages of 18 and 30 are eligible for this visa. The duration of this visa is 12 months during which you have to be employed as a nurse, for a maximum of three months.
  • For those who are looking to improve their skills, temporary visa options are also available – Short Stay Business Visa and Student visa.

From the above visa programmes it is evident that there are different kinds of PR Visa options for the skilled nurses in Australia.

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