Manitoba PR visa Programme–A Quick Review

Canada & Australia Want Skilled PhysiotherapistsCanada has 3 provinces and 10 union territories that entice migrants on different grounds. With so many immigration possibilities Canada stands at the Number 1 position for the migrants when it comes to choosing out of multiple immigration destinations.

Manitobais a Canadian province of varied culture that always stands true to the expectations of a migrant. To enter successfully into the province the applicant can take any route path that suits his specific needs and expectations.

Aspirants across the globe wish to cross borders and claim its Permanent Residency (PR). There are several easy-to-follow pathways that result in seizing PR there in.

Manitoba PR Visa ProgrammesCategories

The various classes are-

Skilled Worker Immigration Stream: Seizing PR through this trail starts with the submission of Expression of interest (EOI) and under this procedure the applicant needs to answer a few questions online. They are assigned some points depending on the answers supplied by them. The one with maximum scores are invited to submit application for the Manitoba PR visa. This category is further classified into 2, namely,Skilled Category and Skilled Worker Overseas Category.

Modern Community Driven Immigration Initiative: Under this category, a community plays an active role in selecting the migrants. Qualifying candidates and their dependents very quickly grab PR in the province.

  • The programme allows entry to only those applicants who do not have any connection to any other part of Canada.
  • The candidates who are in the age group of 21-45 years are most welcome to Manitoba.
  • The aspirant must possess a post-secondary education or at least one year training programme and a valid certificate to prove it.
  • His work experience should notbe less than 2 years in the past 5 years.
  • He must have passed the ILETS exam with minimum 5 score in each band.
  • He should have a desire to genuinely establish and settle in the province.
  • There is a settlement fund that is required, 10,000 Canadian Dollars as a principal amount and 2000 Canadian Dollarsfor each dependent in MPNP. This fund is in addition to any other expenses.
  • It is expected that the applicant will create jobs for the citizens and some of the targeted occupationsare manufacturing, cabinetmakers, factory sewing and heavy vehicle mechanics.
  • To meet the eligibility and the need of the province, a candidate is invited to the place for an interview. This also helps him get better view of the requirements of Manitoba.

Business Investor Immigration Programme: Under this specific scheme the candidate is selected on the basis of his managerial skills and his ability to invest in the economy. This plan also starts with an EoI. The selected candidates with high scores are asked to apply for it. A letter of advice is sent to them and asked to submit an application within 60 days. Acquisition of 350,000 Canadian Dollarsis mandatory under this stream. It is expected that the candidate will actively participate in the working of the business or venture started by him.

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