Lithuania Cuisine—a Quick Look

Lithuania is a European state. The Baltic nation has one of the fastest growing economies in the European Union (EU), and stands 17th in the world in the Ease of Doing Business Index. The nation is famous for many reasons. Apart from high standard of living, promising economy, and an easy entry to the EU, the beautiful country is also celebrated for one more reason, and that is Lithuania Cuisine.

By and large, the Lithuanians are foodie, and they enjoy food the most. The tradition of eating well and that also nutritious food is inherited from their ancestors. They believed that ‘One he who eats well, works well’. The traditional cuisine is simple, yet it has a variety of delicious and mouth-watering dishes. Most of them are hearty and suitable for the cold Eastern European winters.

The cuisine of Lithuania is normally mild. Bread and potatoes are the staple food followed by pork as the favorite meat, though a large number of people prefer beef and chicken as well. Coastal areas are known for its traditional sea food. Beets, potatoes, greens, berries, rye, mushrooms and barley are grown locally and dairy products are its specialties.

The country has not developed its cuisine overnight but has taken centuries to develop a unique taste and flavor. Lithuania Cuisine has largely been influenced by neighboring states. It is the only European country where you may get to taste the unique snacks with beer. Stuffs like peas, garlic bread, with ribs, smoked pig ears, smoked cheese, and plums with various fillings are enjoyed with beer.

If you ask for one of the most exotic Lithuanian dishes it has to be ‘vėdarai or ‘potato sausages’. It is made of pork intestines, stuffed with grated raw potato and baked in a wood stove or in an electric oven. Among the drinks, the locally brewed beer (alus), kvass (gira) and vodka (degtinė) are quite popular drinks.

And when it comes to soups, the cuisine includes a variety which includes meat soup, vegetable soup and soup with chicken even beer soup is preferred by many. The most interesting and mostly preferred by majority is šaltibarščiai, cold beetroot soup, made up of beets/beetroot, kefir (a fermented milk product, greens and boiled eggs. It becomes lip-smacking when it is served on a hot summer day.

Each region has its own cuisine and specialty. It is often said that said that the country does not have only one national cuisine, but many. Aukštaitija is a specialty of central/northeastern Lithuania and is known for its dough-based dishes like dumplings and pancakes. Majorly, the dishes made of meat are famous, including skilandis; it is cold-smoked pig’s stomach stuffed with minced meat and garlic, sausages and hams and Žemaitija. The northwestern Lithuania is known for its potato dishes.

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