Learn How to Get Canada PR Visa from India?



Canada PR Visa
Canada PR Visa

A significant chunk of ambitious people wish to move overseas and settle there in, for a better life and more wages/income. For this, they make all efforts–from choosing their favored overseas destination to applying for a Permanent Resident Visa (PRV). Talking of destinations, numerous such aspirants wish to become a Canada Permanent Resident. For this, they often seek answer to the query–How to Get Canada PR Visa from India?

Before we try to answer the question–How to Get Canada PR Visa from India–let’s first try to figure-out what makes the Maple Leaf Country so hot in the eyes of the migrants, and why the Canada PR Visa so inspires them that they wish to grab it at all costs!

The Maple Leaf Country is a very developed global economy with a per capita that’s envy of most nations of the world that include even numerous so-called developed countries. The Canada PR Visa holders naturally get to enjoy all that the developed world has to offer–right from first-rate infrastructure to unbeatable healthcare facilities, from excellent government support to world-class educational centres, from rewarding employment opportunities to lucrative business/investment breaks.

Coming back to the query–How to Get Canada PR Visa from India—well, it’s not rocket science. Just check any relevant page of any well-known visa and immigration consultancy or the government run immigration sites, and you will find that Ottawa and the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRRC) offer numerous easy-to-follow PR Visa Programmes that suit the candidates of all kinds–right from Express Entry and its several economic programmes, to the Provincial Nominee Programme (PNP).

Select an immigration programme that suits your qualifications and aspirations the most. Let’s assume that the Federal Skilled Worker Programme (FSWP) offered through the platform of Express Entry suits you the most!

Canada PR Visa through FSWP

To get a Canada PR Visa using this speedy and innovative online platform, you will have to create an Express Entry profile first. Next, you will have muscle your way to the Express Entry Pool, on the basis of your credentials and backgrounds, and compete there in with other candidates for an Invitation to Apply (ITA).

If you manage to get the cut-off, and an ITA, through any Express Entry draw, you will have to submit an application for a Canada PR Visa, complete with all the relevant certificates and papers, and of course, visa fees.

And, if you are lucky, you will get an opportunity to migrate to Canada permanently, and settle in the overseas hotspot with your near and dear ones even while you get a chance to do a rewarding job in the profession of your choice.

One hopes you may have now received an answer to the query–how to Get Canada PR Visa from India, right?

Summary: Check the page and figure out How to Get Canada PR Visa from India! Use the information to make the cut and get a Canada PR Visa with ease!

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