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immigration-canadaIf I really assess the current situation of Canadian immigration system, Canada PR Rules seem to be undergoing large scale changes. The activity level is quite high and the things are becoming better, perhaps for good. As 2019 approaches closer, the government of this country is all set to offset the impact of extensive retirements due in next 2 years.

The transformation in the Canada’s immigration set-up is quite evident from the rigorous improvements being initiated at various levels in the basic and advanced processes of visa application assessment and permit grant. Not only this, the government has also brought about various others schemes that have made it easier for the new entrants to settle  down in the country at the earliest.

The persuasion behind all the swift revisions and amendments appear to be an attempt to establish a meticulous system that is not only smart – in selecting people for inwards migration, but one that is also sensitive to the ever changing needs of the local economy. The most prominent of the laws that have been grossly altered intend to bolster image of Canadian visa system, and instill a confidence among the applicants.

What the big improvements in Canada permanent residency Rules are

Although not a secret anymore, some of the alterations and new incorporations clearly target new entrants. The biggest bone of contention was an uncertainty that had dawned upon the chances of permanent residents qualifying for Canadian nationality through process of naturalization.

Now that the bill C-6 has been approved with the royal consent, the people entering the country would be assured of being able to qualify for the status of a citizen. The salient features of the improvements include:

  • After the implementation of the new incorporations, the new entrants, entering the country on the basis of a permanent resident visa now would require to be in the country for a period of 3 years out of five years, after the entry.
  • In the years of residence in the country the permanent residents would not be required to be physically present in the country for 183 days in each of the three years. With the new laws in place, thus ends a two tier citizenship system also.

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