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It seems that 2017 is in with some good omen for the people waiting to move to the Maple Leaf country. This seems to be the case at least if the Canadian Immigration News were to be believed.

A rich haul of the invites for the next session of application processing for the permanent residency; ever declining scores as selection peg for the selection of the profiles out of the Express Entry; and the PNPs becoming more responsive and many successfully getting a fair level of response from the applicants all world-over. All this indicates at the smooth phase, Canadian visa program is passing through.

The dipping scores, coming down to almost 450, 459 to be precise, for the first time since 2016, and the rising number of ITAs, since the incorporation of changes on November 19, 2016, have raised the stakes of the Canadian skilled visa program as one of the most approachable schemes.

If the things are really to be believed, some more relief may be on the way. IRCC had revealed in the November 2016, that certain reviews had been conducted in the CRS system that entailed reducing the number of marks allocated to a candidate for presenting an employment offer – even though points for senior posts in managerial cadre would continue to be 200.

This would provide an even playing ground to the people who are not lucky enough to obtain a full time employment from a Canada based employer. The selection of candidates, as it implies would purely be evaluated on the human capital aspect – their education, area of specialization and professional exposure.

Now, there is reason to believe that this is surely a good snippet of News from Canada Immigration. The responses as lodged by several candidates who have received their ITAs and some who have already been requested to submit their passports for the visa stamping, clearly point at the growing urgency of the federal authorities to attract as many immigrants as possible.

The situation is favorable for even the fresh applicants and also those who are yet to begin their process from the scratch, but it would be better if completed early.

So, no more delays get on with the task and fill out the free assessment task and get a clear idea about your eligibility for Canada visa.

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