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Canada ImmigrationThe recent times have clear indications of things improving a lot in the Immigration Visa Process Canada. A draw in the recently concluded selection round returned a score of 449; thereby facilitating short listing of 3409 applicants. This round took place almost 3 weeks after introduction of large scale changes in the Express Entry CRS system.

What changes in The CRS mean and who would be impacted

The changes instituted into the CRS regime include providing additional benefits to the following classes of applicants:

  • Ones having siblings in any part of the country. Anyone having a brother or a sister in the country could score extra 15 marks. The brother or sister could be of either the applicant, or the spouse.
  • The ones having linguistic capabilities in French. Where before June 06, an applicant could score usually up to 136 marks for first language – English an additional 24 marks for French. The new introductions would enable them to increment their scores by an extra 15 marks; thus, further boosting their standings in the table.

It is expected that marks of many applicants would remain unaffected as a result of the introductions, but instead many may find their marks improving due to the above-mentioned factors.

Apart from these aspects, some other, but more prominent aspects may play a major part in enhancing the marks of the applicants, such as:

  • An employment offer may fetch an applicant between 50 to 200 marks, and
  • The ones successfully gaining an endorsement from a willing state would be able to improve their marks by a good 600 points.

Now that is some good news to be relished, as the people who have yet been unable to make a breakthrough due to several other aspects, would be able to climb higher in rankings, and ensure an easy passage into this country of abundant opportunities.

Canadian government is surely keeping up its promise of incorporating all possible changes to make inward migration mechanism quite attractive and adaptive. By far, this year has been quite prolific for those, who have been waiting to get en entry pass into the Canadian shores.

If you think these changes are exciting enough to trigger a craving in you for Canada, it is the right time to place your request for migrating to this country. Know your scores and prospects today by availing a free assessment by filing in a free assessment form.

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