Keen to Shift to Canada? Use Saskatchewan Express Entry Programme!

Blessed with many natural amenities Saskatchewan is located in prairie province of Canada. The province attracts people from all walks of life and from every corner of the world. Hence it receives the largest number of immigrants in the Maple Leaf Country.

This year, the country’s immigration system has been completely amended with the introduction of Express Entry System–an initiative of the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). It is a complete electronic system which includes its various economic programmes comprising certain Provincial Nominee Programme (PNP).

If the province attracts you and you wish to live and work in it, then you should certainly think of streamlining your application through Saskatchewan Express Entry. It is most feasible for those skilled workers who wish to live and work in the specific area.

The province’s government sponsors eligible applicants from the Express Entry Pool with the required qualification, skills, language proficiency, experience and other related factors required to clearly integrate into the province’s local communities and market.

Saskatchewan Express Entry

With no hassle to follow the deadlines, applicants are free to submit the application any time of the year. However, the CIC and Saskatchewan jointly have the authority to amend the selection criteria. Therefore, regularly update yourself just not to miss the golden opportunity.

The system aims to turn around the demand and supply of the labor within the province. Perhaps, by the end of the year it will be clear how successful the programme has become. Under Saskatchewan Express Entry, applicants may apply for any of the following categories:

  1. International Skilled Worker Occupations In-Demand
  2. Saskatchewan Express Entry
  3. Saskatchewan Experience Category, and
  4. Entrepreneur and Farm Category

How the system works?

Prospective immigrants are required to create an online profile on the basis of various factors. Eligible applicants will be placed in Express Entry Pool. If you are considered entitled, you will be issued a Provincial Nomination Certificate and your application will be forwarded to the CIC and it will be fast processed.

The plus point of the programme is that to apply applicants do not have to have a prior job offer. If your application is approved, you may search for a suitable job once you have reached the province. You may search for the suitable opportunity, or else you may register with the Canadian ‘Job Bank’–an initiative of the CIC to connect the employer and employees.

Jeremy Harrison, the minister of Immigration is reportedly of the view that the newly introduced programme will be beneficial not only for the skilled workers coming to the province but also for the province’s economy and business sector.

He further expressed that immigration plays an important role in meeting the local labor market need. New entrants coming to the province need to have skills, experience and education that will help them fast settle in the province and contribute towards the development of the province and local communities.

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