Keen in US Immigration? Learn About L-1 Intra Company Transfer Visa!

In the widely visited immigration destination called the US, you often witness that dreams come into reality. There are many people who move from towns to the cities and they witness their dreams coming alive. Well, this trend is seen among the Americans but there are several others who even move from other countries and live their dream.

L-1 Intra Company Transfer Visa
L-1 Intra Company Transfer Visa

The dreams are hard in the first place, but many people make them count by their dedications and hard work. There might have been specific instances when you see people hard working the hell out. They give the best commitment towards their work with innovation, excellence–rectifying the smallest mistakes and making them the stepping stones for success.

Well, for such individuals there is nothing that is really impossible and beyond reach. The L-1A Intra Company Transfer Visa came into existence because of such individuals. If you put in the real efforts, you will get paid eventually and L-1 Intra Company Transfer Visa guarantees that in the first place.

The Congress in the US introduced this visa to make sure that bright and hard working individuals from foreign nations can land up in the nation, and bring about a positive difference. The economy of the US is in urgent need for such professionals to help make a difference.

So, if you have heard about the said visa, you will reel to get a grasp of the visa. In this piece, you will get to know everything that you need to be aware of about the visa in question. Satiate your knowledge in the best possible way with all the ins and outs of the visa.

Under it, the employer has the right and the power to transfer any of its employees to the main company in the US. At the same time, the confines of this visa is not restricted to just a physical presence of the mother firm to facilitate the transfer.

Hence, if you wonder that what this statement is all about, well, you can sponsor any of the eligible candidates from your affiliate or subsidiary to move to the world famous overseas hotspot and start up with another venture.

So, the candidate can move to US and start up with an altogether new company and run it for a specific period of time. At the same time, there are also specific provisions granting a whole lot of benefits to the immigrant. The benefits would be discussed soon in this piece.

In the first place, let us first focus on the immigration visa! The L-1 Visa allows the immigrant to be sponsored by the employer and move to any of the subsidiary, main branch, joint venture and affiliate in the US to take up with the business. Once the individual moves to the US he y would be placed in a serious position. It is owing to these specific and challenging requirements that L-1A Visa is only meant for executives and managers.

The executives, managers and person with exceptional talent can live in the overseas hotspot for a specific period of time, at maximum it is 6 years as per the L-1A visa category. However, there are exceptions. Now, the exception is the benefit that was talked above in this piece, under exceptional talent category, the employer can file on behalf of the employee for Green Card or Permanent Residency (PR) status.

Under such circumstance, the non-immigrant visa, i.e., the L-1A would be transformed into a PR Visa. These special traits make the L-1A Visa dual intent visa.

Given this, if you are applying for this visa, you must meet with certain requirements.

  • You should have worked with the company for one full year.
  • You have the specific educational standards and experience that fits in well with the demand in the US.

Once you are through with all of these, the possibility of the movement would be much better and you can move rather easily.

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