It Makes Sense to Become Permanent Resident in Australia

The ‘Land of Kangaroos’, Australia is a perfect country to migrate to. The widely preferred global destination has one of the strongest economies in the world even as it offers many rewarding opportunities to those who migrate to its territories. The country is ethnically diverse and has mixed culture. It is estimated that almost 25% of the total population of Oz consists of outsiders.

English is the national language spoken in six states and two territories of the nation. Thanks mainly to its more than developed economy; the immigration hotspot has something or the other for almost everyone. If you have visited the country once, chances are high you just cannot resist revisiting it. Majority of the visitors to Down Under wants to permanently settle in Australia through the Australian Permanent Resident Visa (PRV).

It is given to the non citizens of the country. You are entitled to become a Permanent Resident in Australia only if you have successfully lived and worked in the country for a minimum period of four years, although once you have successfully acquired Australian Permanent Residency, you may live in the country indefinitely.

Initially, a five year visa is granted alongside the PR Visa. Till the time the permit is legally valid, you may leave and re-enter the nation any number of time. However, once the visa expires, or loses it validity, you need to obtain a Resident Return Visa (RRV) to re-enter the country. Majority of the permanent residents are eligible to become Australian Citizens.
Why to become a permanent resident in Oz!

Well, this seems to be an important question though the answer is not difficult to find! People from almost every corner of the world want to become an Australian Permanent resident. It’s not rocket science and you do not need to try hard to find the reason. It is very simple: the country is one of the best developed places in the whole world. It, in fact, is one of the wealthiest countries in the world. It has some of the best developed sectors, like; for instance, educational institutions, health care, infrastructure, and undoubtedly tourist places.

Moreover, the country is an active member of numerous leading international organizations, like the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, G20, ANZUS, United Nations (UN), World Trade Organization (WTO), Commonwealth of Nations, Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, and the Pacific Islands Forum. This makes the country rather strong on the international map and extends it reach.

Oz offers multiple benefits both social and economic not only to its members but also to the migrants. Luckily, the country is one of those nations which have always considered migrants an added asset, and not a burden.

Benefits of Australian Permanent Residency

Now let’s take a quick look at some of the benefits that greet the permanent residents!

  • Once an applicant has successfully acquired permanent residency, he may move to the nation and out of it, without any limitations whatsoever.
  • He may join any job/sector of his specific choice
  • He enjoys the right to submit an application for the prized and the much sought after Australian citizenship. Yes, it is true! PR status in the country makes you eligible for it.
  • He has the right to sponsor relatives, provided; of course, they meet the required criteria.
  • His children born within the Australian territory are considered Australian citizens by birth.
  • He has a right to avail medical and social benefits.
  • He may travel to the neighbouring states of New Zealand without obtain an additional permit.
  • He may work, study and live in New Zealand without any kind of restrictions at all

Acquiring the Australian PR is not a cake walk. If you are eager to obtain PR, you can easily do so via following a systematic procedure. The duration to get PR visa varies and may take longer than expected. In many cases, visa applications are refused merely because the candidate has submitted wrong documents.

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