Investors Pre and post visa requirements under the EB-5 program

Do you know that having only $1,000,000 of the net worth is not enough to qualify for the EB-5 investment program? Apart from the general qualifying conditions, there are several additional conditions that investors have to fulfill under the EB-5 program, such as collecting documents including bank statements, tax proof, income returns et al that are required to make a petition application. You may read Investment criteria for EB-5 aspirants to know about the eligibility conditions for investors, looking to immigrate to the US under this program.

Once you get an EB-5 visa to USA, some post-visa requirements also needs to be complied with, such as creation of 10 new jobs every year for the first two years by the EB-5 business enterprise for US employees. So, there are many such requirements that investors have to fulfill, though this will not really be a challenge for a good businessmen.

In case, you are thinking that once you have got the EB-5 visa, you can then take an easy route and escape the post-visa requirements, you are terribly wrong. This is because the EB-5 visa granted to you initially is the conditional one. Only when you have successfully met the post-visa requirements for the first two years of your stay in USA, you are granted the unconditional EB-5 visa that makes you a permanent US resident. You may also apply for US Citizenship after that. For a comprehensive view of the basic criteria for both pre-visa and post-visa phase of EB-5 program is enlisted in this article, EB-5 – Basic requirements for the Investment Criteria.

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  2. The content is really beneficial. I am planning to immigrate in a month or so and I was looking for this relevant information on the net. The blog is quite informative!

  3. I will agree that this visa is not easy to attain, but what visa is? What should be focused on is how beneficial this visa is to the nation and to the investor rather than how difficult the process is. I think most investors know going in that it will be difficult, but the gold at the end of the rainbow makes the difficulty more than worth it.

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