Interested in Singapore Immigration? Choose Entrepreneur Pass (EntrePass)!

When it comes to immigration, most of the times the immigrants look forward to the developed West and European countries. However, there is one more country that has popped out in the best way. If you are still wondering, well, you don’t have to do that anymore since Singapore is the destination that you are looking for.

Singapore—Haven for Business & Investment

In the ease of doing business, this widely preferred destination simmers among some of the reputed names. And if you are into business, you will always like to have a country that streamlines the process, and makes it an extremely challenging pursuit to consider in the first place.

There has also been a major tectonic shift in its growth, and if you want to figure out the reason, it is definitely the law that has to be taken into consideration. The law in the country is extremely promising, and as an entrepreneur or businessman, you get the best benefits right away for ensuring that your business runs smoothly. You do not have to worry about the security and safety of your investment, and much more importantly, your family.

The country has also improvised its increasing trade dynamics with most of the stalwarts. So the bottom-line is that what you are looking forward to is great opportunities that are waiting to happen in the first place. But as an immigrant, and if you are an entrepreneur, you might wonder that getting into this country is a tough pursuit.

Singapore Entrepreneur Pass (EntrePass)Interested in Singapore Immigration?

However, if you consider the Singapore Entrepreneur Pass (EntrePass), you will understand that since Singapore is a driver of growth and development of Asia, they are always entertaining the best entrepreneurs through diverse programmes that allow them to move to this country and open up instantly to bring about the growth.

Hence, you always witness that this country is open up to immigrants who are into business and they have the capability to bring about a change.

Take a quick look at the Singapore Entrepreneur Pass (EntrePass) and how it has been helping entrepreneurs to take up their space in this dynamic country!

It is an unprecedented scheme launched at the hands of the Singapore Government to attract potential investors from all over the world to end up being in the country for investment. This useful and widely preferred programme was planned and orchestrated at the hands of the Singapore Government and immigration authorities to help bring about a positive difference in the immigration history of the nation.

So, if you are going for this style of immigration, you will get innumerable benefits at the hands of the authorities back in Singapore.

The process of Singapore Entrepreneur Pass or EntrePass is very simple. You don’t have to face any hassle whatsoever. If you have a splendid idea that can help bring about a difference in the economy, you can frankly come forward and share that idea with the Singaporean business authorities and they would evaluate the feasibility of the idea.

Once they are certain that your idea as lucrative benefits, they would ask you to open the company with that idea and the best part about EntrePass is that you don’t have to incur the incorporation expenses. In general, it takes only 30 days for streamlining all the process and once everything gets streamlined, you can easily startup with your business.

There is a specialized provision under the EntrePass Programme that allows the immigrants to bring their families also to Singapore. Hence, in case you want to use this programme to help facilitate your movement, you must certify that you meet with these requirements right away.

Singapore EntrePass Programme–Major Requirements

  1. You are ready to establish a business in the country. If you have proposed any business idea then it should be out-of-the-box and extremely profitable for the economy.
  2. You must have entrepreneurial and business background.
  3. You are willing to register the business as the private limited company
  4. You are planning to have 30% of share holding in the company.
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