Interested in Short Business Trip To US? Apply For B-1 Visa!

The US economy is business friendly. People from every corner of the world wish to become a part of the thriving economy, even if it has to be for a short term. The US is one of the most multi-cultural nations in the world, thanks to the large number of immigrants settled in the nation from almost every part of the world.

Apply For B-1 Visa!
Apply For B-1 Visa!

If you are a business person and wish to explore the business opportunities in the US, then you will have to submit a petition for the B-1 Visa. It is a non-immigrant category and most suitable for those who wish to visit the nation for short duration, to participate in various business-related activities.

Under the visa waiver scheme, citizens of certain specific countries are given relaxation from acquiring the visa which means they can travel to the nation visa-free for up to 9) days.

To confirm if you fall under the category, visit the official website of the US Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS)

B-1 Visa–Basic Eligibility

The visa is most suitable for those whose main reason of their visit to the country is professional in nature which includes participation in various business-related activities, such as travel to the nation on specific dates to attend convention, business or scientific conference or seminar, consult with business associates, negotiate on a contract, or attend a training programme.

Your visit to the nation will become smooth if you have enough financial resources to cover your US trip and plan to stay in the country for short period of time, probably for up to 90 days.

Before you board a flight to the country, you must satisfy the official at the US High Commission/Embassy that you have a clear intention of returning to your permanent residence outside the US, and under no circumstances you plan to abandon it.

If you successfully meet the aforementioned eligibility criteria, then the chances are you will get a smooth entry in the country. Otherwise, the US has tough rules even for those who wish to visit it as temporary visitors.

The USCIS issues the visa for up to six months, on request the visa can be further extended up-to six more months but it is subject to approval. Beyond this period the USCIS cannot extend the duration of your stay.

The major drawback of the visa is that you cannot bring along your family. If they wish to come along, they will have to file a separate petition for dependent visa.

Significantly, the B-1 Visa is cap-free which means eligible applicants can submit their petition any time round the year. To be on the safer side, aspirants are required to submit their petition six months in advance from the date of their travel as the processing time may extend due to various security reasons, or last minute changes in eligibility criteria.

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