Interested in Settling in US? Opt for Family Based Green Card!

Who would stay away from walking on the streets of New York City, spending a dynamic weekend at the Vegas or simply staying back at Tennessee to enjoy the beauty of nature? But to make all these dreams a possibility, it takes more than a desire, it takes real efforts.

The way of immigration to the US is not the bed of roses; rather, it is the bed of thorns and only the best among the rest survives. Immigration to this place is both contentious and challenging and if you are not prepared well, it would end up being a tough deal to basket.

Family Based Green Card
Family Based Green Card

Now, most people are looking for ways that can help them materialize the movement. Well, there are a lot of ways like the H-1, B-1, B-2, L-1, L-2 Visa so on and so forth, but the challenging part is that not all are eligible to claim benefits out of these visas.

In the first place, one thing is evident that you will have to fight hard to get these visas in your control. But there are alternative ways as well under which you can not only get the visa to the US, but also redeem your status from an immigrant to a permanent citizen and even procure the Green Card status.

So, take a look at the ways that define the possibility of getting into the immigration hotspot as a permanent citizen!

Family Based Green Card

The way ahead for the spouse, children and relatives of the US citizen is through the Family Based Green Card Scheme and if the citizen wants to sponsor the immediate family member, that can be streamlined through the Family Based Green Card Visa.

There is also definition mentioned in the immediate relative that says that you should be closely related. But you must take that not for granted but as a mere possibility where you can use this special privilege to sponsor anyone whom you want to treat as family.

However, for rendering them eligible to avail the movement, one must make sure that the person being sponsored is

  • Unmarried sons and daughters that are over the age of 21
  • Brothers and sisters, but the US petitioner should be above 21 years of age.

Most of the times, these provisions are being misused so the US Congress has capped the possibilities and introduced a slew of measures to keep a check on the bogus immigration. The greater the transparency and monitoring; the better would be the prospect of the visa.

There is also option for those individuals who have been in the nation to get the Family Based Green Card Visa. And, under the visa norm, they would have to apply under the visa category Form I-130 and on behalf of the US relative, and accordingly they will have to plan out the immigration.

The next process would involve scrutinizing the application of the papers and subsequently adjusting the visa status. The process is simple and you can easily do away with the cumbersome formalities and get the Green Card in nick of time.

There is one more alternative that must be paid heed to. Under the Child Status Protection Act, you can even sponsor your child who has attained age above 21 years as per the norms and petition him/her for a Green Card status. The process is simple and it wouldn’t take time on a larger scale to help streamline the movement.

The most promising way of getting the Green Card is through marriage. So, if you want to get the Green Card visa, you can marry a US citizen and file for the adjustment of the status.

The moment you are married and everything gets particular as per the norms, your status would be adjusted, and you can easily be given the go ahead of being addressed as the US citizen and get Family Based Green Card Visa.

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