Interested in Quebec Programme for Immigration to Canada? Choose QIIP!

Across the world the term ‘immigration’ is a topic of international discussion and debate. The recent ‘Brexit’ referendum and the US immigration policies have left many to question the destiny of immigrants in general.

But for Canada, welcoming immigrants remains its major policy. Its citizens continue to support the immigrants,and now a large number of foreign investors are heading to Quebec.

Quebec Programme for Immigration to Canada–Why Go for Quebec Immigrant Investor Programme (QIIP)

The QIIP is the country’s most popular immigration scheme for the foreign investors and a top choice of those who want to acquire the country’s Permanent Residency (PR). It is the smartest investment stream for Canada immigration.

Established in 1985, and designed and developed to draw candidates with high net worth under the plan candidates are required to possess a legally acquired net worth of at least 1.6 Million Canadian Dollars and must agree to make an investment of 800,000 Canadian Dollars in the province, for a fixed period of five years at 0% interest.

The major benefit of the scheme is unlike other Provincial Nominee Programmes (PNPs), under the investor/business categories, the QIIP does not really ask for the candidates or spouse/common law partner to meet any language requirements.Neither are they asked to submit a detailed business proposal/plan as integral part of the Quebec immigration process.


Although,a candidate is not expected to actively manage the business in the province,they must have a two years business management experience, out of the last five years. Additionally, the candidate must prove to the immigration officer his intention to permanently settle in the province.

While, it is not mandatory to have regional knowledge or language proficiency,the applicants are encouraged to conduct a preliminary research at their end and take initiative to learn the official language,preferably French. Once the approval is given,the aspirant, along with his family, can settle in the province.

As stated above, there is a significant difference between the QIIP and country’s other investor programmes and the selection criteria they ask for.While the PNPs are ideal for foreign entrepreneurs,who are keen either to establish a new venture or manage/run or expand an existing venture in any of the country’s province,the QIIP is best for those who are looking for an opportunity for passive investment without engaging themselves in day-to-day business activities.

Additional benefits are hard to resist.Visa-free travel and visa on arrival access to nearly 172 countries along with the freedom to work, study, live or retire with the opportunity to acquire Canadian citizenship, post four years of stay in the country.Undoubtedly, Quebec offers the best unconditional immigration programme that a foreign investor/business professional can ask for.

Take Help from Quebec Immigration Consultant

It is in the best interest of the investor/business professionals to consult an experienced Quebec immigration agent.

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