Interested in Canadian PR? Choose Canada, Quebec Immigrant Investor Programme!

The Maple Leaf country is a developed country and located in Northern America. Over the years, it has successfully developed a niche for itself and is known as a renowned immigration destination worldwide. However, if we talk about its provinces and territories, one province that time and again is in news due to only good reasons is Quebec.

It is located in eastern province and is the largest province in Canada. The province has its own programme depending on the requirements of the local labor market. The province is just perfect–especially for those who want to invest in it.

Now let’s take a brief look at the Canada, Quebec Immigrant Investor programme!

Both Canada and Quebec Immigrant Investor Programme offer business professionals and their immediate family members an easy opportunity to live their immigration dreams. Potential applicants may easily get a visa in roughly 24 to 36 months (2 to 3 years). Successful applicants are granted an Immigrant Investor Visa (Permanent Residency) which can be converted into a Canadian citizenship once you have successfully lived and worked in the nation for at least four years.

The category is only applicable for business professionals with no major requirements such as language, education, or age it is a best option for those with business experience and managers.

Major Points to Remember

1) You must have legally obtained at least CAD$1,600 000, either individually or with your accompanying spouse or common law partner, by either running your own business venture or managing company as a manger.

2) You must have an experience of either running a business or working as a manager for at least two years in the last five years.

3) You must be ready to make an investment of at least CAD$ 800 000 for a fixed period of five years with the Canadian and Quebec government.

How does the Canada, Quebec Immigrant Investor Programme work?

Once your application is submitted, an approval is issued by the Quebec government and you have to invest CAD$ 800 000 within 110 days, post the approval of your application. You can deposit the money directly either to the bank selected by the Canadian and Quebec government, or at an authorized brokerage firm.

The investment amount will be returned at the end of the tenure, without any interest rate. If you do not wish to liquidate your assets, you can avail financing solutions through Canadian banks. It is a onetime payment of CAD$ 240,000. A majority of the investors choose the options over making a investment of CAD$ 800 000.

Is the Maple Leaf country is a better choice for investment purpose?

Yes, it is a better choice as compared to countries like Australia and the US. Following are the reasons:

1) The country is located in North America and provides an easy access to the Northern American market.

2) Business professionals of all age categories are welcome to immigrate through the programme. One does not have to be fluent in English or French. But, it’s an added asset.

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