Interested In B-2 Visitor Visa? Keep Key Things In Mind!

The US has been a pretty vibrant place from all perspectives–whether you are visiting for business, work or a simple and short sojourn. The rich flora and fauna, the electrifying Vegas, and completely isolated yet serene Alaska drives any person to take the opportunity to visit this place.

Interested In B-2 Visitor Visa?
Interested In B-2 Visitor Visa?

In most of the cases, if you compare the immigration to any other country–say for example, the close neighbor Canada and Mexico–the immigration appears tough for the US. Well, to no surprise after the 9/11 incidents and 26/11 incidents in India where the Tourist Visas were used diabolically, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) have been pretty vigilant and indulged towards sensing out any unforeseen activities.

To an extent it is a smart move, thereby you will have to be very cautious and skillful while applying for the visa. In the preliminary stages, there is a greater possibility of getting the visa declined, so it is imperative that you have got the best immigration attorney to help you.

B-2 Visitor Visa

It has greater acceptance and processing rate than any other work related visa. Now, you may be wondering that why an indifference treatment, well, the basic reason is the economic benefits that the visa brings for the nation.

Since, the bearer of the visa doesn’t pose a threat to the indigenous job generation, and they would be investing in the economy, there is a greater possibility of economic gains streamlined for the nation.

So, let’s study the B-2 Visitor Visa in deep an enable each and every applicant to have a good idea of it while applying for the visa.

The visa can serve twin purpose, it can also be used as a business as well as a tourism visa, but the leverage is meant for a handful.

In general, under the visa waiver programme, nationals from Australia, New Zealand, UK and other 26 nations can travel to the nation with B-1/ B-2 Visa and can use it for dual purpose. In the first place, there is a possibility where they can use it to undertake meetings or visit conferences. At the same time, the same applicant can upgrade the visa to B-2 category and roam about in the nation sightseeing or avail any specific medical treatment.

So, the requirements can change as per the need of the immigrant. But this leverage is confined to few countries only, the rest have to go the other complex way of filing separately for the visa.

If you are going for the B-2 category, under no circumstances you will be allowed to take up studies or hold an office of profit in the overseas hotspot, and if you are found doing that then either you will be deported or apprehended. So, as an immigrant, you must never ever think of taking any short route.

You will have to specify the purpose at the time of applying for the visa. If you have come for medical checkup, you must ensure that the treatment for the disease was not available in your country. You may also apply for superior treatment facilities, but for such cases, the doctor in your homeland must refer your case to the doctor in the US and the doctor in the nation would be ready to accept the case.

So, if the things are going mutual, in that case only you will be asked to apply for the B-2 Visa and avail the medical checkup in the immigration hotspot.

Most of the times, there are also instances of denial and you have to be prepared for that. So, while applying for the B-2 Visitor Visa, it is decisive that you have explained in details about the purpose and the intent of the visit.

You must also see the time and other situations, if the political turmoil prevails or there is some threat issues that have dominated the world. In those times, you will be definitely denied the visa.

Hence, keep all these aspects in mind, and accordingly plan the visit to the destination using the B-2 Visitor Visa.

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