Immigration to Canada & PR Visa Benefits

Advantages of Visa Pre Assessment
Advantages of Visa Pre Assessment

Applying for a Canadian Permanent Resident Visa and getting is successfully is like a dream come true for many visa aspirants and why not! The Maple Leaf Country is the best destination to migrate to and several young people want to move to it for a better future. So let’s try to understand why people prefer the hotspot over other countries!

Canada is a wonderful country and due to its immigration-friendly policies, it is preferred by most of the immigrants around the world. For immigrants, they prefer a country that has immigrant friendly policies which Canada does. At present, it is a leading country for accepting a maximum number of PR applications every year.

If we talk about the list of the nations which at present are the top destinations to migrate to, there will be no doubt that the Maple Leaf Country will be in the top position of the list. The other destinations which are also considered as a better options are Australia, the US, the UK, and New Zealand.

At present, Canada is known as a highly developed nation. Its economy is flourishing and that is why it is able to offer so many opportunities to immigrants to move and settle on its territories.

Presently, there are so many immigrants from the different parts of the world who are in the process of moving to this overseas hotspot.

When we talk about Canada and India we know that both the countries share special connection between them. That’s the reason that huge chunk of immigrants to the former are from India.

If we talk about today, there are 1000s of immigrants who are from India and are well settled in the Maple Leaf Country. Most of them have successfully received the PRV of Canada. Not only immigrant from India but Canada as a country has been very successful in attracting millions of immigrants from around the world.

So let’s understand the importance of Visa for Canada.There are many benefits than you are entitled if you get the PR Visa, and here are the benefits!

As the PR Visa holder, the visa allows you

 To stay in Canada, and as long as you wish to stay
 To study in Canada, you can enroll in any college degree or certification
 To work in Canada which means that entitles you to work in any province of Canada. There will be no restrictions imposed on your work related movement.
 Canadian citizenship

One of the biggest advantages attached to PR Visa is that it allows you to apply for PR Visa. But that is only possible after you have received you PR visa. Your application for the citizenship is not compulsion, but an option that you can certainly try.

 Healthcare Benefits

As the Canadian PR visa holder, you can enjoy all the healthcare benefits.Not only you but your family members are also entitled to health care benefits.

 Other benefits which you are entitled to asa Permanent Residency Visa holder are social benefits. That means as the PR Visa holder, you, along with your family members, can enjoy all the social benefits which only the citizens of the nation can enjoy.

 You will be protected under the Canadian laws which also includes the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

So how can one make the cut?Well, first you need to understand the type of programmes under which you can apply!

Here is the list of programmes!

 Skilled Immigrants Programme (Express Entry)
 Self-employed Persons Programme
 Provincial Nominee Programme (PNP)
 Quebec Skilled Workers Program- QSWP (or investor or entrepreneur programme)
 Start-up visa(for people who have a business idea and investors are ready to invest in it)
 Sponsorship programmes

Now that we have discussed all the programmes under which you apply, here are the lists of documents that you need for Canada immigration and here is list!

 Proof of sufficient funds in your bank account and that is to support the application.
 Educational Credential Assessment (ECA).
 Entire Original copies of your documents.
 Entire Original copies of your official translations.
 Educational documents such as your degrees, diplomas, and other certifications.
 Personal identification Documents.
 Copies of Sponsorship letter.
 Documents related to Skills assessment tests.
 Language Test Results (IELTS, etc.)
 Additional fees.
 Other documents required under the applied visa category.

If you want to know more about Canada PR Visa mail me at [email protected].

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