Immigration to Canada & Permanent Residence Visa

Canada Permanent Residence
Canada Permanent Residence

Immigration to Canada can be easy or it can very tough–it all depends on your knowledge that you have gained from the available resources. As you will be utilizing your gained knowledge in filling up the application, it is certainly wise to ensure that you do not take any step in the wrong direction, as the step taken by you in the wrong direction will hamper you visa approval chances.

When we refer to right steps, then we are just trying to advise you as a visa applicant that to be 100 % sure to follow all the recommended procedure, along with all the guidelines, which are shared by the nation’s immigration department.

At times, visa applicants try to find shortcuts in order to get the visa or at times are these so-called shortcuts are advised by their own visa consultants. Avoid making any attempt of trying to cheat the visa system for the overseas hotspot. The only trouble will be waiting for you, not only this but you may be barred from applying visa for the nation again.

We all know that the preferred destination for immigrants is Canada. It is the land of huge opportunities; there are vast areas that are still uninhabited. And as a country, Canada is also looking for fill those areas and that is only possible by inviting immigrants from around the world.

Along with the uninhabited areas of the nation, there are many other reasons for migrating to the overseas hotspot–career & business perspective, prosperous and stable life and negligible crime rate.

The above-mentioned reasons are just a few factors that have attracted Indian nationals along with other nationals too. Many nationals from rising economies prefer to migrate to this North American nation Canada. They prefer Canada over other nations like the US, England, Australia New Zealand and others. Canada certainly is the most preferred country to migrate to.

Hence, if your visa application is approved and now you want to move to the destination, well that’s certainly great and we will like to share some important information regarding the benefits of immigration to Canada.

At present, most of the global economies are not doing well and are struggling. Most of them are either undergoing debt crisis or facing difficult times. It all started after the global recession.

But the Canadian economy was like untouchable. It sailed like a strong ship in that difficult time where other global economies struggled to survive. The national economy is still standing strong and will have no impact of the current and even future global meltdowns.

So try and understand the immigration benefits to moving to the hotspot from India!

Canada PRV

If you got you Permanent Residency Visa (PRV) for Canada, then you are entitled to many benefits

    As the PR visa holder, the visa allows you

    To stay in Canada, and as long as you wish to stay

    To study there in, you can enroll in any college degree or certification

    To work in Canada which means that entitles you to work in any province. There will be no restrictions imposed on your work related movement.

    Apply for Canadian citizenship. Yes, that is one of the biggest and wonderful things attached to PR Visa. After you have received you PR Visa, you are allowed to apply for the citizenship but not as a compulsion. You are free to apply as per your wish.

 Healthcare benefits. Another wonderful thing of the Canadian PR visa is that the visa holder is entitled to receive all the healthcare benefits like other Canadian citizens.

    Other benefits which as the holder of the PRV for Canada includes other social benefits. That means as the PR visa holder you can enjoy all the other social benefits which the citizens are entitled to enjoy.

    As the holder of the PRV, you are completely protected under the Canadian laws that include the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Hope you find all the above-shared benefits useful and you will share these benefits with other too.

If you want to know more about Canada PR Visa mail me at [email protected].

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