Immigration Australia–Find out if you need to appear for the IELTS test?

Immigration to Australia can surely get you your dream job, if you have the desired skills and qualification of your nominated profession. But what if you fulfill all these requirements and still do not get a job in Australia? Of course, this can be a heart-rending situation. Language barrier can often be a problem for new immigrants. Don’t worry! To make sure that you do not have to face any such situation, Australian Department of Immigration and citizenship require applicants seeking immigration under the general skilled migration category to pass the IELTS test. This test evaluates the English language skills of the applicant in four main components – speaking, reading, listening and writing.

Applicants who obtain a minimum pass mark are given certain points benefit in the GSM points test. The more you score, the better will be your skill level and thereby the point benefits enjoyed by you. While the highest skill

level, PROFICIENT ENGLISH, will contribute 25 points to your GSM points test, the lowest skill level, NO ENGLISH, will not add any points. So, it is a good idea to take some classes for the preparation of your IELTS test before you actually appear for it. If you wish to know about skill levels of the IELTS test in detail, simply go through this article: English language (IELTS) requirements for Australia General Skilled Migration Visas

However, there are a few applicants who enjoy the privilege of being exempted from the IELTS test and fly to Australia. For instance, applicants who have English as their primary language need not appear for the test. To find out more about these options, kindly see this article: Are you the lucky one to enjoy the exemption from IELTS test?

An Australian immigration specialist can help you file for an IELTS test and get all your necessary documents in place to make the process of immigration a hassle-free task for you. So, do not delay anymore and get started today!

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  1. i am an electrician .i wish to go Australia.I don`t know what is requirement ielts score for migration..would you tell me more about,,,

  2. Dear Shiljo,

    IELTS requirement is 6 in each module.

    However, there are many other prerequisites that lie as a hurdle in the application. You must meet them as well.
    So we request you to kindly mail us your updated resume at [email protected]

    Thanks & Regards
    Sanam Azhar

  3. HI i am a midwife in the Uk as born and bred here and obviously speak english. My job is on the critical skills list and in demand. After applying for my visa i have been informed of my need to ubndertake the Ielts test (this i did yesterday), but i have to say this was very difficult and i felt totally out of my depth and this is someone who has studied and got a degree from university. Is there any way of emigrating to Australia, without this as i feel it is imposible to obtain a level 7, with such difficult struture. How does doing the ielts test if you are english prove how competent you are in your field??
    Any suggestions would bemuch appreciated Thanks a very disapointed Midwife, who believe the world has gone mad

  4. Unfortunately no option but to appear in IELTS test and get the required band(s)

  5. hello,im a mining engineer with one year rock blasting tecniques experience,im 25 now plz tell me do i need to ielts or not,
    your reply will be highly appriciable

  6. IELTS is compulsory for all principal applicants for immigration to Australia

  7. Hi My name is Samual ,I am from Ethiopia I am a graduate of In Bsc level in agriculture plant science field,could meet the Australian immigration requirement.
    God bless you!

  8. im a software engineer and im married.if im applying as the primary applicant does my wife have to do ILETS as well?

  9. How about your experience?

    Please provide your resume for assessment

  10. Applicants for Australia skilles migration – both husband and wife should provide IELTS test report.

  11. dear,
    i am business man i want to do immegration to canada.
    i have business of 55000 us $.
    now what should i do.

  12. This absolutely ridiculous that Immigration department just for business increasing the score band and student/applicants for PR are finding difficult to achieve them. They appear for test plenty of times and still they dont score though there english are better then local people of the country. This is a major concern and Govt. would need to re-think.

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