Immigrate to US–Several Visa Options Available

The US–a dream for many, an opportunity for few, and the reality for numbers. Now, these are just some of the words to define the wonderful and one of the most visited immigration destinations. Now, one might be wondering why such a phrase, well, the US welcomes only the brightest of them all. So, it is hardly surprising that the immigration is real tough.

Frankly speaking, to immigrate to the US is no less than a milestone these days. Every second would-be migrant wants to work in the World Trade Center (WTC), be a part of the Silicon Valley, and chill out at the Vegas. Well, the pursuit may sound definitely challenging, but it is anything but impossible for the deserving and ambitious candidates.

There are some of the promising visas which have made immigration to the US very simple, but one must have exceptional talent to make sure that it becomes their gateway for the movement.

L1 Visa

It is a specialized form of visa and under this visa category the nation can sponsor any individual to move to its territories under the executive, managerial and specialized level. The immigrant can move to the country from the branch, subsidiary, affiliate and joint venture of the US Company.

The L1 Visa serves twin purpose–on the one side it can serve as a non-immigrant visa, whereas on the other side, there is also provision where the individuals are not required to show an offshore address where they can return after the expiration of the visa.

So, there are several provisions granted under this specific visa even while one has to confirm that they get this visa for the movement to the overseas hotspot.

L2 Visa

It is specifically meant for the children and spouse of the L1 holder. The visa grants the opportunity to the holders to take their spouse and children to the nation for a specific period of time. The dependents will have to leave the country upon the expiration of the visa of their sponsor.

H1B Visa

It has been specifically planned under the USCIS to make sure that the IT needs of the country can be fulfilled, as and when required. Under the category, the visa holders can stay in the nation for three years which can be further extended to six years.

The visa is a non-immigrant visa. However, under specific conditions, the decision and the specification of the visa can be altered for the common good of the nation. The immigrants can best use the visa to Immigrate to the US in the most promising fashion.

B1 Visa

It is a short duration visa for precisely three months time. The applicants opting for this visa for movement are primarily on business visit. The immigrants wishing to take this visa will have to apply for the visa at least 60 days prior to the movement.

The visa specifically takes time for clearance and it is highly demanded that the immigrants meet with all the requirements, and they are able to move under the B1 Visa.

EB-5 Visa

It is basically an investor immigrant visa which has helped the individuals to move to the nation by making investment in different sectors there in. The US Congress promoted this visa back in 1990s to make sure that investments can come in the economy.

Under the visa programme, those seeking the immigration will have to take investment in certain specific sectors in the US. They will have to check that the places which they have picked are underdeveloped or developing.

The main aim of the visa is to generate fulltime jobs in the economy. The immigrants who are ready to invest 5, 00,000 dollars in those areas which want development would be considered for the application.

The holders of the EB-5 are also given the opportunity to avail for Green Card. Once they are able to meet with all the requirements sought in the visa, they are given the chance to apply for Green Card which gets accepted after due course of time.

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